Writing as a Form of Art and a Source of Income: Ways to Make It Work

We often use art to express ourselves. Some are into music while others are into dancing. There are people who express their feelings and creativity through painting, sculpting, or even photography. They get to use their talent and passion to generate income. It only takes a bit of creativity to turn your preferred art form into a source of income.

If you are debating whether your love for writing is a form of art, then worry no more. Many consider writing as both a skill and an art.

Sometimes, the best writers are not the most gifted ones. If you have the ability to touch your reader’s lives and get your message across, then it is possible that you can become a successful writer. Remember that today’s world-renowned authors started as newbie hopefuls in their field.

If you really have a passion for writing and have so many ideas to share, then why not consider this opportunity to make some cash? You may need a little more inspiration and motivation to turn this into a full-time job. But it won’t hurt to try out your luck and see where it takes you.

Here are a few examples of how you can start monetizing your love for writing.

Get Published

Before, one can only get their books published with the help of a publishing house and a literary agent. You will need to send multiple query letters to different agents and publishing houses in hopes of at least one wanting to publish your manuscripts. But now, you can self-publish your own book in three ways.

The DIY approach enables you to take full control of your book’s publishing. You get to coordinate everything, from how you design the cover, formatting the book, and promoting the book. Although time-consuming and overwhelming, many writers like this approach since they get to own virtually everything, from getting the legal rights to enjoying your revenue.

Supported self-publishing, on the other hand, involves outsourcing professional services to make self-publishing an easier task. Many self-publishing companies offer publishing packages that can cater to your specific needs and budget. You can enjoy several publishing options, avoid going over your budget, and still have control while working with the pros.

General contractor publishing involves hiring independent contractors to help you publish your book. This is perfect for clueless writers who have no idea about the publishing process. This is often the go-to option of writers who still don’t know how to self-publish a book.

Monetize Your Own Blog

One reason many people start their own blog is that they get to write what they want on every topic they find interesting. They can boost their reach both locally and internationally. One can even build their own brand online, inspire your audiences, improve your writing skills, and generate income.

These days, it is easy to start a blog. The tricky part is monetizing the blog itself. Since there are so many ways to generate revenue with a blog, you need to choose which ones will best suit your style.

For one, there’s affiliate marketing which involves creating content that, in a way, promotes relevant products. There’re advertisements where you utilize display ads and gain revenue depending on the type of ads you permit on your site. Then there are digital products or coaching services you can sell n your blog.

Some bloggers make use of email marketing to sell the very offers they have on the website. Others curate content related to their blog content and sell them as ebooks. You also have the option to create sponsored posts in favor of companies and their offers.

Become a Copywriter

Different businesses pay professional copywriters to write engaging content on behalf of their business. This enables them to boost brand awareness and secure brand identity. It is crucial that you are able to create content that will serve as the voice of the brand you are working with to ensure their target audiences are kept satisfied and engaged.

You have the option to write about content that will be seen by all customers or the target audiences of companies. You will need to learn how to write copies that have the same tone and personality that the brand wants to project. It takes skill and hard work to be able to adapt your regular writing style and take on the individual voice of a brand.

These are but three examples of how you can make money out of writing. You can choose a strategy based on your writing and style and preference. Whether you want to write in freestyle, collaborate with brands, or sell your own products, you can utilize your love for writing and start earning.