TMZ World News

Our team consists of our founder, and five writers, along with a number of editors who work in order to provide you with the latest content in the day’s news. The team is dedicated to providing content to the world so as to push the benchmark higher up for the rest of the journalistic community. Our motto remains to find God in the details of each story we take up and seeing it through to the end.

Alvin Miller

Our founder Alvin Miller has been a news correspondent for many news houses and publication avenues. His work has been flawless and detailed and so he understands the need for a strong writing team. He encourages our team to research in a systematic manner, and fact check before publishing a news item. With zero margin of error, our team greatly benefits from Alvin.

Adam Blocher
Writer (Business)

The business world is a complex maze of connections, financial risk, trends, and market swings. The one person in our team who is qualified to navigate through this is Adam Blocher. A wealth manager by academic study, Adam learned about the market early on. He began by basing business analysis on the basis of the experience of his assets, before branching out into selective business study and analytics. Keep an eye out for this column!

Richard Mulligan
Writer (Technology)

Richard Mulligan is a technologically gifted writer. His mainstay continues to be the misadventures of people on the internet, but his writing branches out into the various aspects of how technology affects our ecosystem. Technology is everywhere already, and will only become more popular. Keep up with the latest tech inventions with this quirky column.

Allen Hadley
Writer (Money)

Allen Hadley is as money-minded as one can get. His motivation to keep your money safe and doubling, help in his analysis of how the money markets will be doing in the near future. With his superior skill and the understanding gained from the rest of the team, Allen predicts accurately and understands the policy of moneymaking.

Tamisha Guerrero
Writer (Science)

New scientific discovery may be making strides in the world, but without publication, this information is nothing. The science column by Tamisha Guerrero covers all the issues that are encountered by scientists across the globe, and their solutions to them. It includes reports made in regards to new discoveries, as well as the achievements of the community.

Jessica Castaneda
Writer (Health)

A new world brings with it new diseases and risks to the health of man. Jessica Castaneda is the person who documents all such items and broadcasts it to her readers first. Her belief is that prevention is better than finding a cure, and so she issues words to the wise every day through her column. With health policies, announcements, information broadcasts, and urgent cures, Jessica's column is always brimming with the new.