Buyers Guide to Well Pumps

A well pump is a great addition to any home. Millions of homeowners use it to supply water to their homes. With a high-quality pump, you can push water from the underground directly to your faucets. There are different variations of well water pumps. Whether you want the submersible, shallow, or deep water pumps, you can always get these and more in the market. Your needs define your choice, but there are various things to know when shopping.

Let’s begin by understanding the different types of well pumps.

 As mentioned earlier, the common well pumps are the submersible, shallow, and deepwater well pumps. Submersible pumps are submerged in the water to push water out to the surface. They are useful in pumping accumulated water that comes from natural underground sources.

 On the other hand, shallow well pumps are useful in applications where the well is less than 25’ deep. They are placed outside the well, unlike submersible pumps. Like shallow water pumps, deep water pumps are situated above the ground and draw water using pipes. One pipe draws water from the well while another pushes it up. They can suck water from a depth of 110 feet.

What are the different uses of a well pump?

 These pumps are common in places with a high water table. You can use them for multiple applications. These include pumping, drinking, cleaning, or bathing water from a well. You can also use the pump to control water pressure within the home. Other uses include;

  • Supplying water for residential irrigation systems
  • Powering an in-ground sprinkler system
  • Emptying water out of a pool
  • Watering plants and crops in your garden
  • Providing hot water into your home

How can I choose the best well pump?

 If your well pump has malfunctioned or you are seeking a brand new one, there are various aspects to keep in mind when shopping. These are;

  1. The depth of the well

 How deep you’ll be pumping the water determines your choices. Some pumps are more efficient in deep wells, while others can pump water to a certain depth. To determine the depth of your well, use a piece of string and weight and lower it to the bottom of the well. Mark, pull it, and measure the line for accurate measurements.

  1. Your existing pump

The best way to purchase a well pump is to replace what you already have. If a shallow jet pump works well in your well, acquire another one of better quality. There are newer models in the market and with improved efficiency.

  1. Number of pipes in the well

The number of pipes from your well may be an indication of the water depth. Examine your existing well pump to determine the number of pipes connected to it. For instance, a shallow jet pump features one pipe and can accommodate a depth of up to 25 feet.

The bottom line

There are different types of well pumps available. Choose a high-performing pump and go for one with high horsepower. This ensures more pressure allowing for a consistent flow of water to your home or farm.