Why do you need coffee cup lids

Quality lids for hot cups

Hot coffee and tea are in demand at any time of the year. You can brew coffee from the best beans and have excellent varieties of tea in the assortment. But if you use lousy tableware, customers are unlikely to come back for a drink.

Imagine: you brewed a perfect cup of coffee with milk, made a beautiful drawing, and served it to a customer. He leaves the establishment, takes a sip of his drink, and pours himself hot coffee. That’s it; the day is ruined. And all because you used the wrong lids for cups.

Why you should use lids for drinks

When serving a drink with coffee cup lids, you first take care of the customer. It ensures that it will be convenient for him to drink, and he will not spill tea or coffee on his favorite suit. In addition, you can sew a cup on a table outside and not worry that an insect or seed will fly into it.

The main advantages of lids for cups are as follows:

  • they are suitable for various drinks;
  • protects against viruses and bacteria;
  • keeps the temperature of the drink;
  • protects skin from burns and clothes from dirt.

Covers are often combined with various tubes. This solution is relevant not only for soft drinks but also for cocoa, hot chocolate, and even coffee. The lid securely fixes the box, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drink calmly.

The lids are used both for a hellishly hot Americano and refreshing tea. High-quality accessories do not affect the drink’s taste; they preserve the aroma and temperature. A hot drink will be desirable for a long time, and a cool drink will not heat up quickly. Fizzy drinks will not lose gas, which will preserve the original taste. The main thing is to choose a size that is ideal for cups.

What are plastic lids for cups?

To purchase high-quality covers, pay attention to our company. The catalog has options for both standard cups and non-standard tableware. You can decide on lids for coffee drinks, tea, lemonade, and cocktails.

The size of the lid should be selected according to the diameter of the glasses. Thus, the accessory will fit tightly to the edges of the cup and will save the client from spilling the drink in a bad mood.

Covers with a diameter of 80-85 millimeters are trendy. They can be used to cover glasses with coffee, tea, and lemonade. You will need a lid with a diameter of 90 millimeters for large cups. Such cups are used for carbonated drinks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Lids for hot glasses are available in different colors. You can choose classic black or white. Or add variety thanks to bright red, blue, yellow, or green colors. The second option will emphasize the company’s image and make the drinks popular. It has long been proven that people pay attention to non-standard solutions. And if you brew excellent coffee, customers will not be rejected.