Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses Things to Do with Your Pet in Oakland


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, nothing beats going out with your pet in the rain! Splashing in puddles is enjoyable, and there’s nothing wrong with a little muck.

But, when the days become shorter, and the winter weather approaches, there will undoubtedly be occasions when you would choose to play games inside rather than outside. Of course, your pet’s normal exercise routine should never be disrupted by the weather. When it comes to playing, it’s simply wonderful to have alternatives.

Moreover, keeping your pet amused and having fun when you are at home is also an excellent method to keep them happy, healthy, and cognitively active. Boredom in pets, in particular, may rise to additional issues such as excessive chewing, destructive behavior, or barking.

Playtime is also an opportunity to reward and praise your pet, which benefits their overall happiness and wellness. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do with your pet in Oakland. 

  1. Tug-of-war – It’s a fun game to play with your pet dog. It will not only assist in developing the jaw, but it will also be a terrific method to connect. It may also be a valuable tool for diverting your dog’s behavior if it continues to bite.

Rather than scolding your dog, divert their behavior to the rope toy so they may wear themselves out while biting something proper to chew.

Grab a rope toy and play tug-of-war with your dog. The sole restriction is that you must wait for your approval before grabbing the rope. Stretch the rope overheads. If they reach for the rope, conceal it behind your back and exclaim, “Oops!” Continue doing this until they understand your instruction to fetch the rope. When they do it right, praise them. 

  1. Day trips with your pets – Most pets like vehicle rides. If you’re going to see friends or relatives, bring your dog. Include a shopping excursion with your dog as a special reward—some dogs like browsing pet supply shops. Your dog may want a treat or two, so plan on spending some money on your excursion! 
  1. Pampering night – A pampering day is a wonderful way to spend time together and is ideal for when you need to unwind. Bathe your pet and care for their hair and claws. If your dog loves it, you could even give them a massage! There are several dog massage guides available online that might assist you. 
  1. Teach them a new trick – Some believe an old pet like a dog can’t learn new tricks, but we disagree! There are several tricks that your dog may learn, and learning a new trick is a terrific way to spend time together while also keeping your dog amused.

Spin, play dead, retrieve, standing on hind legs, barking on order, and shaking hands are examples of new tricks. 

  1. Tracking – Hide-and-seek with a toy or piece of clothes might be a tracking challenge for your dog. In the winter, a fun activity is to put a glove (with a gift inside for added enticement) just under the snow’s surface. 


Matt Davies Harmony Communities is constantly exploring new activities for your pets. Remember, your pet enjoys spending time with you, so go out there and have some fun with your canine partner!