Know What You’re Facing As You Age: Elderly Healthy Issues

Everyone ages, but the difference between people is whether they are prepared or not. If you are growing older, it is in your best interest to learn about some of the health issues you might face. Here is a list of the potential issues you might face, what you can do about them, and how to prepare for them.

Chronic Fatigue

When people grow old, tiredness will seem like a common thing. However, there is a difference between normal tiredness and chronic fatigue. In truth, chronic fatigue is common among those who are getting old but don’t notice it. They assume it is their age catching up to them. But many older people can still be as active as young people. Taking note of being tired for no reason is important because it might indicate deeper issues like a hormone imbalance or something similar.


Muscular pains are common as people grow older, and the usual culprit is arthritis. This is the inflammation of the joints for one reason or the other. Over 200 hundred rheumatoid diseases classed under the term arthritis, and most of them can trace their causes to old age or diseases common in their old age. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available, and you can use that to your advantage. Consult with a doctor on what to do with your arthritis.

Heart Disease

Your heart goes through a lot in your life, and it is one of your body’s hardest-working organs. But age increases the risk factors that can contribute to heart attacks and heart disease. This can range from high blood pressure to high cholesterol. Your best option is to take care of your heart more with the right exercise and diet.

Cognitive Issues

Age can also mean that your mind will be facing some issues when it comes to memory and decision-making. Dementia is the biggest problem you might face. It comes in many forms, with Alzheimer’s being the most common. Memory loss and difficulty in making clear decisions can be a big problem. If you can prepare for it, you should try to keep your mind as active as possible. Additionally, a better diet can help with your mind from deteriorating so fast.

Sensory Degradation

Another common problem as people age is the fact that their senses can get weaker over time. The usual complaints are weaker eyesight and worse hearing. Some underlying causes can be resolved, like surgery for cataracts or getting hearing aids. If you handle it nicely, then you should not be noticing any difference. However, you still have to be extra careful to ensure your senses stay in good condition. Thankfully, new technologies are coming out that will help those with worse conditions handle things.

Bladder Control and Incontinence

A very embarrassing problem that a lot of the elderly face is losing control of their bodies. This is especially so when it comes to urinating and other similar activities. This can be an issue if you have difficulty moving around or are injured. You need to ensure that you have easy access to a bathroom and might even need adult diapers. It would be best if you also considered shifting to a healthy diet so that you can better control your bladder and bowel movements.


Another issue that might plague you is falling. Getting older, you might find it difficult to move around. It also makes you vulnerable to slips and falls. With your older bones, the damage can be a lot worse. If possible, you should avoid places where you can easily lose your balance. You can also install support bars, so it is much easier to stand up.


Age can be very lonely. With your friends and family dying or leaving you alone, it can be quite depressing. Many of the elderly feel depressed because of their isolation. It would help if you fought this depression by reaching out. For example, meet up with local groups and find new friends. You can also reach out to family and friends you haven’t heard from in some time. The key is to get out there and find something enjoyable.

Growing old is a challenge, and it is already pretty difficult with all the various issues involved, like retirement. You can control your health, so knowing what issues you might be facing and knowing how to handle them can be a big help in making your old age much easier to handle.