The Hidden Joys of Aging

Aging is something that some people frown upon. Some feel apprehensive about this stage. Images of frail bodies, less mobility, and isolated beings may come into mind. These fears are not based on false assumptions. These scenarios are actual experiences of older people.

The advancement of technology and having more informed choices changed these negative perceptions. Older people have a longer life expectancy due to better healthcare. Their more active lifestyles are also a contributing factor. Even having wrinkles is not a major issue anymore. Medical spa treatments can rejuvenate one’s skin less invasive procedures. These things are only the tip of the positive changes about aging. Here are some more items that can get a person excited as they advance in age.

Crystallized Intelligence

This term in the simplest sense would mean a fusion between experience and education. It is knowing how to apply book knowledge or technical skills to real life. It is no wonder that older people have more of this compared to the younger generation. With age comes wisdom and mastery of skills. It also means that you had exposure to more things that allowed you to gain more knowledge.

One advantage of growing old is not having to grapple with certain things. With age comes the enjoyment of being able to become an expert about a thing or two. You become so good at using what you have learned that it almost seems like you are on autopilot. There is no struggle compared to younger people who are only learning the ropes in their fields.

No More Social Drama

One freedom that old age brings is the ability to care less about what people think. You are not into something to impress, to conform, or to keep up with the hype. When you do something, it only means that you have a genuine enjoyment for it.

Another aspect that feels liberating as one age is the capacity to judge less. You do not have to rain on someone’s parade to prove that you are better. You become more empathetic with others.

This more grounded perspective helps in solving conflicts. As one grows older, they can let go more of the notion that they should always be right. You get to learn how to be better at compromising and dealing with disagreements.

Less Stress

Barring health issues, older people experience less stress. This calmer composure might be since they are not in deep with key stressors. Some examples of stress triggers are child care, work, and finances.

When you reach 60 and higher, it is very likely that your children are grown-ups and have families of their own. You do not have to hustle your way up the career ladder light you used to do. With enough financial prudence, you have a decent fund for your retirement.

Stronger Marital Bond

People in their middle age may find themselves in deep marriage concerns. They could be in the adjustment period of newly-wedded couples. It could also be that their married life is taking a backseat because of having children. Some marriages crumble to these pressures.

According to some studies, older people find more satisfaction with their married life. This could be because of having to survive many hardships together. They know how to handle things better. There is also more time together as children leave the home. Some couples even wait for retirement age before they go on a grand vacation or an elaborate cruise.

Joy of Being a Grandparent

The role of a grandparent is nothing short of fun. You get to lavish small beings with love yet do not have to take the role of a primary caregiver. It is also a joy to see how your children apply all your teachings as they raise their children.

It does not matter if the elderly live across the miles from their grandchildren. Every visit is something that they look forward to. A study even shows that babysitting grandchildren can make older people live longer. It must be the acquired innocence and fun from the little ones, or all those cuddles and kisses.

Chance to Succeed More

What is beautiful about success is that it has no age limit. Some older people find the luxury of having more time as a great factor to pursue their interests more. Many famous people found more success during their older years. Most of us may have an idea of Colonel Sanders’ story, who found success with Kentucky Fried Chicken at age 62. Older people can pursue their interests or find new passions even as they age.

Aging is still accompanied by some difficulties. But, having an optimistic perspective could help you enjoy this season of your life. After all, aging is a gift in itself. Some do not have the privilege of growing old.