Fine Options for the Best Wealth Formula

In matters of heritage, the basis of your reflection must be on the protection of your family, your business. It is also necessary to make a precise point on its situation vis-a-vis the retirement.

Social protection is essential today. Indeed, it is the basis which makes it possible to secure your professional future but also to protect your family and your beneficiaries. There are several types of provident contracts that allow you to cover yourself against the different types of risk: hospitalization, accident, death, loss of income, etc. The Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews  are perfect there.

Why and how to protect your family?

Preparing for retirement: anticipating is a priority to avoid disappointment and to successfully develop one’s assets. What are the issues, what levers to compensate for a possible drop in income, synonymous with a drop in living standards?

Manage and promote its heritage

The second step is to manage and promote your heritage. Whether for your private or professional assets, our specialist advisers will show you the different levers to optimize your taxation and reduce your taxes for investing.

  • How to optimize your taxation?
  • How to manage your savings?
  • How to choose the right real estate investment?

Prepare the transmission of your assets

Finally, the last step: plan for the transmission of your assets and reduce the amount of your inheritance tax.

Business leaders face several issues for their succession, first of all the transfer of their business or how to optimize the tax on capital gains before selling their business? And then, how to reduce the inheritance tax on his heritage for his heirs. Our wealth management experts know all the mechanisms that meet these objectives. They will be able to present you with several types of assembly by highlighting their advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose in any case.

Professional real estate reaches on average 20% of the value of the company. The rule is to separate real estate assets from the rest of your business. For this various assemblies are possible. 

Among them we can cite:

The Construction Lease

In only a few cases, it must be the subject of a notarial deed and only proves judicious in two cases: that of a young entrepreneurthe full tax exemption is activated after 30 years or that of ‘a family business where the entrepreneur has already planned to pass it on to one of his children.

Civil society

It is a particularly suitable structure which offers legal flexibility, ease of creation and a broad heritage dimension. Be careful, however, to respect certain rules. In particular, it is necessary to ensure that the rents paid by the company correspond to the market price and that the Civil Society is effectively administered. Note that in the case of a transferor company manager, the creation of a Civil Society of which he will remain the owner will allow him to receive additional income (collected rents).

Whatever options are chosen, real estate held within a company must be the subject of special attention. Ideally, this separation between real estate and business assets should happen as soon as possible. When possible, from the creation of the company.