5 Significant Questions to ask while hiring movers in Toronto Ontario

Are you moving to a new home? Or is your office planning a move to another location? For each kind of move, there are plenty of things that need to be planned out. With distractions like work, kids and bills to pay, moving day can be quite chaotic. Fear not, there are plenty of movers in Toronto area, who can provide you their expertise.

Before you finalize on one of the local movers in Toronto, make sure you have answers to these 5 questions:

#1. Is it a registered company?

If you don’t want to be a victim of scams or frauds, make sure your choice of movers in Toronto Ontario, are authorized to conduct packing and moving services and have their licenses in place. They should usually be displayed at their office premises and sometimes on their websites too.

#2. Are they experienced with the kind of move you need?

A residential move might involve a lot of furniture, fragile items and personal collections – things you might have collected over the years and probably hold emotional sentiments (that crockery box gifted by your grandmother, maybe). A commercial move on the other hand, could mean moving valuable documents and confidential files among other things like laptops, desktops, printers, office furniture, coffee machines etc. When you’re looking for local moving companies in Toronto, find out if they are equipped to undertake the kind of move that you are enquiring about, and whether they have the experience to back them up.

#3. Is insurance included in the costs?

Most of the professional movers in Toronto will include insurance coverage for transporting your goods. But make sure you ask about the exact inclusions of this coverage. It would be horrible to find that your LazyBoy recliner couch doesn’t recline after a damage during the move and it wasn’t even insured, wouldn’t it?

#4. Can they share a few references?

While hiring employees, you check references, then why not do it when hiring moving services? Any of the reputed movers in Toronto Ontario will be able to give you references from their previous work. Of course, don’t count on only those references – make sure you do your bit of homework too by asking around for feedback and looking up online reviews.

#5. Do you have all-inclusive hourly rates? What does it include?

Most of the local movers in Toronto offer all-inclusive rates on an hourly basis. This usually means you won’t have to pay anything extra other than the agreed rate for the time taken for the whole job. Make sure all the inclusions are highlighted to you, and specifically ask if any extra charges could be incurred. If it’s not an all-inclusive rate, ask for a complete break-up of their costs so you know exactly what you are spending on.


These questions are just a few to get you started. But if you’re in a hurry, head to Let’s Get Moving and they’ll handle moving day for you like a piece of cake. One of the most awarded movers in Toronto area, Let’s Get Moving will take over the packing and moving from start to finish, like a pro.