Is Your Dog Really Eating Good?

Our pets are tiny, furry, members of the family that enrich our lives, so you are going to want to make sure they are eating well.  While buying dog food can seem like a genuinely easy experience, knowing what makes good dog food takes a bit of research.

If you are unsure where to begin in terms of finding the perfect brand and flavor for your dog, do not fret, we’ve got you covered. Below are the six steps you need to take to buy your dog high-grade food.

When most people go out and buy food for their dog, they usually gravitate towards dry kibble or wet food. While this food certainly isn’t pretty or would appeal to humans, this food contains essential nutrients that support your dog’s wellbeing.

While cats are strictly meat eaters, you can sprinkle in other elements into your dog’s food for them to have a healthy diet. One way to make sure that you are buying high-end food for your dog is by making sure that you read the label.

How to Ensure You’re Buying the Best Food

The first step in finding the best food for dogs is considering your dog’s age. Your dog’s age is one of the most important factors in making sure you choose the right food. For example, puppies require more calories in a day than any other older dog so you have to make sure to get them some food to remain comfortable throughout the day.

Another thing to consider when shopping for dog food is the buzzwords listed on the can or bag.  For example, you do have to keep the protein you are feeding your dog in mind. That information is usually located in the text of the bag.  

You will usually see buzzwords like 90% fish or 80% chicken. It is important to know what you are feeding your dog and keep in mind if they have any type of food allergies.  Then there are words like “dinner” which only contain 25% of protein.  Or if there are words that say “beef flavor,” you have to consider that these particular brands only contain trace amounts of actual protein. 

Make sure that you learn how to read the ingredients on the bag. While dogs can eat vegetables, only in rare circumstances should they live a strict vegetarian diet. Be sure to choose food that has meat as the top ingredient. 

Be sure that the first ingredient in your dog’s food is not corn. While corn is considered a pretty healthy vegetable, it doesn’t necessarily have a high nutritional value.Corn also doesn’t have a high vitamin and mineral content. The only reason why manufacturers use corn in their products is that it is an inexpensive component. 

Sometimes you face the inevitable fact that your pet may or may not have allergies and knowing that can be from trial and error. When shopping for dog food, you should make sure your dog doesn’t suffer from a grain allergy.  

Also, buying food rich in grains could potentially carry a higher price tag. So making sure grains are right for your dog should be high on your priority list when shopping for dog food. 

While shopping you should also make sure that your dog food has an AAFCO statement on the back.  Being a member of the AAFCO is a voluntary thing for brands, but they have high standards. If AAFCO has made a statement on behalf of your dog’s food, you know that you are getting a high-quality product that could benefit your dog.  

Finally, doing your homework and finding the perfect brand of food for your dog is not only important but beneficial in the long run. Be sure to research the specific brand you are using to feed your dog.