The 5 Must-Have Event Planning Skills by Adina Brunetti

There is no denying that event planning is one of the most rewarding and most stressful jobs in the world. For that reason, if someone is willing to have a successful career in the events industry, they are required to have various baseline event planning skills to assist them in this regard. Following are the top six planning skills by Adina Brunetti that you must have if you want to be successful in this field:

Organizational Skills. 

One of the most organized individuals is event planners. Therefore, the number one skill on our list is having a grip on organizational skills. Planners have to keep their client times ready on the schedule, they need to keep the budget in check, and are required to keep the details flowing swiftly without any hurdle. From making strategies to post-event checklists, everything should be up to the mark. The planner must be able to recall all kinds of details, must schedule deliveries and setups, meet all deadlines, and never get late.

Resilience and Adaptability. 

One thing which is sure to happen in this field is things going wrong. This is what Murphy’s Law is all about. In fact, at times, you may not know what that thing will be until and unless that day arrives. This is exactly where you will be successful if you have the skill of resilience and adaptability. This skill makes event planners calm and composed, allowing them to go with the flow, especially in front of clients and when the situation is very challenging. They have the ability to respond quickly to the challenge and solve the issues without any issues.

A Basic Understanding of Events.

Being the event planners, the primary responsibility of Adina Brunetti’s team is to act as the glue that unites the team together to win the event. With that being said, Adina, as the leader, is not the only best individual to manage every bit of the event. However, she certainly possesses the best understanding of the things happening there. For instance, an event planner needs to understand how to collaborate with catering staff, how many people can be managed in a room, how long it will take for the dinner service, what exactly an RFP is, and how a floor plan is made. In addition to this, event planners are required to have an understanding of various bands, DJs, décor, A/V companies, florists, and rentals. You are required to have knowledge about reasonable as well as unreasonable requests. You can make the event better for everyone and create a great relationship with your supplier only if you understand these basic things.

Unbridled Creativity.

The client expects brilliant ideas from you. You need to be prepared with some of the most creative and amazing ideas. Remember, each and every client may not want to test the event design waters. However, they may require counseling services from you on design elements that they are comfortable with. You can get creativity from various places. For inspiration, you can consider the following ideas:

  • Explore Instagram and Pinterest. They will help you stay updated with the latest trends in event design.
  • Follow premier blogs for featured events that may show the latest trends.

Dedication to Client Service.

Final thoughts: One of the best and most valuable skills an event planner can possess is executing things and making them happen. You can help alleviate clients’ anxiety by showing them your strong dedication. How do you stack up when it comes to skills of event management? The best thing regarding the events industry is that you will never face any shortage of opportunities to learn as well as grow. Therefore, acquire these skills, improve them, and have a great career in this field.