Powerful and Appealing Features of MS Access Online Editor

The Digital data world is changing and evolving continuously, which has created a new dimension of growth for companies. Accurately recording the data, storing, updating, and monitoring them efficiently help businesses to address on-hand challenges.

Companies are using collected and updated data to achieve their objectives and stay strategically empowered. Therefore, database management system is essential in creating and managing data. System use enhances business operation efficiency and decreases overall costs.

Microsoft Access is the oldest database app that could not share databases online. So, Microsoft developed online Access but it went out of commission in 2018. Fortunately, WorkMap is a potent database management system. It is designed for real-time data management activities.

It includes a new approach to data management that the traditional MS Access lacked.

  • Access database apps from anywhere and at any time with Wi-Fi.
  • Allow the team to access and contribute to the app, at the same time in real-time.
  • Create customized web forms for collecting data.
  • Find precise data and fine-tune presentation for stakeholders.
  • Create public reports and share.

Database management

HyperOffice is a Microsoft Access online alternative offering solutions like WorkMap.ai with workflows and web databases management. Its interface is simple and intuitive for creating rules, tables, custom apps, and even build relations.

Workflows can be broken down into multiple phases and automated with rules, allocation, notification, etc. Create appealing web forms with customized drag & drop simplicity. Check their pre-built database app library and start using it!

Social engagement

Hyperoffice Atlas collaboration suite is rich in smart business features like document management, file storage, Web email, online contact management, online calendars, project management tools, and social collaboration.

As the platform is entirely cloud-based, you don’t need to download, install, configure, or maintain any software. With a few clicks, you are all ready to use the smart features and focus on attaining business goals.

Automate workflows

Collaboration Suite is user-friendly and if necessary, you can gain help from the support team through online training, interactive tutorials, and tech support for free. With a Wi-Fi connection, the employee team can access business apps because the collaboration suite is compatible with cross-browser and cross-platform.

Team connection and collaboration

HyperOffice allows creating multi-layered intranet solutions with their publisher. You can use collaboration tools like document management, project management, directory & address books, shared group calendar, organizational email, create notes on the go, etc. Social features will allow your team to enjoy rich conversation during tasks.

SharePoint alternative

SharePoint server is outdated and needs IT professionals to manage. Fortunately, HyperOffice is a leader in SharePoint Alternative offering users an easy-to-use, inexpensive, cloud-based collaborative solution. Customized SharePoint-like portal seamlessly connects teams, databases, and users.

Enjoy company-wide connection and collaboration without worries about the cost and maintenance of the complicated servers and hosting providers. The cloud collaboration tools are available at economical rates, so without any upfront cost worries give it a free trial of 15-days.

Start editing and sharing Access files online!