Need of Roadside Assistance Cover while Buying a Used Bike


The purchase of second-hand bikes is quite common in India. If you are looking to get a two-wheeler for your commute but are not too keen on spending a lot of money, a second-hand bike is a good alternative. Of course, there is a lot of research that goes into buying one. You need to make sure that the bike you are getting is in good condition, make sure the bike insurance renewal is on time, see whether all documents are in place, and be certain that you are getting a good price.

Now, we all know that bike insurance is necessary. Many bikers opt not for the mandated third-party bike insurance policy, but a comprehensive plan for enhanced protection. This is because the latter provides much more protection as compared to a basic third-party plan. You not only get coverage for yourself but also get the option to include numerous add-ons to your policy. One such add-on is the Roadside Assistance cover.

This blog will help you understand the importance of such a cover for second-hand or used bikes.

What exactly does the Roadside Assistance cover do?

The Roadside Assistance cover is an add-on that you can include in your comprehensive bike insurance plan. With this cover, if you ever get stuck on the road because of issues with your bike, your insurance policy will come to the rescue and help you out. Your Roadside Assistance cover can aid you without the incident being accounted for as a claim on your bike insurance policy.

So, what does a Roadside Assistance cover include?

  1. Flat tyre

Getting a flat tyre is one of the most common problems faced by bikers. With the Roadside Assistance add-on cover, your policy will arrange for a technician to replace the flat with a spare tyre.

  1. Battery breakdown

Battery breakdowns could be caused by a lack of maintenance, extreme climate, loss of water, and so on. The Roadside Assistance cover all the labour and conveyance costs to jump-start your bike.

  1. Taxi arrangements

If you are in a certain situation where you are stranded because of your bike breaking down and are at quite a distance from your house, the add-on will help arrange for a taxi service.

  1. Spare keys

If you have lost your bike keys (happens more often than you would think), do not worry, your Roadside Assistance cover has your back. This add-on will help you get the spare keys you need.

  1. Low fuel

When you are low on fuel and can find no gas station in sight, your two wheeler insurance policy can be of help. This add-on can ensure that you are provided with a fuel supply, so you do not have to worry about anything!

  1. Towing

If your bike has broken down at an unexpected time, it is difficult to get help. With a Roadside Assistance cover, you can get your bike towed to the nearest garage 24/7.

So, these are major situations that are covered by a Roadside Assistance add-on. Since you are riding a second-hand bike, it is advisable to be equipped with such a useful cover to deal with such kinds of emergencies. We hope that this article has been a useful read!