Jason Wood Explains How Digital Marketing Has Changed in the Past Ten Years 

Jason Wood Explains How Digital Marketing Has Changed in the Past Ten Years

Jason Wood has been working in the world of digital marketing for almost all of his adult life. It is an area of fascination for him and one that he has spent thousands of hours studying. Jason Wood says that the world of digital marketing has changed so drastically in the past ten years that what once worked does not work anymore.

Jason Wood says that social media has become one of the biggest ways that businesses have changed their approach. Social media has provided the world with a more intimate way to advertise and do business with one another. The appeal of social media is that it is personalized for the consumer who is using it. While MySpace was the original social media platform, Facebook became the king of kings whenever it came to the social media landscape. It provided users with customized content that was tailor-fit to their interests and provided products and services to them based upon their interests. Jason Wood says that this approach has revolutionized the way we see businesses and every business must now adapt to this new model or be left behind in the dust.

Jason Wood also says that search engine optimization is another tool that has really taken our businesses forward in new and innovative ways. You can find some of your favorite businesses on Google, and they appear toward the front page via directory relevancy. This is done by implementing a strategic amount of keywords in your content that can help you get discovered. Businesses that do not adhere to this form of digital marketing will become unsearchable in the hyper-competitive world of digital marketing says Jason Wood. There are plenty of free courses out there that help businesses find their voice and bring traffic to them using Google Analytics and much more.

Jason Wood states that social awareness has also changed drastically. Twitter, for example, is a place where others can share ideas and communicate with one another in a quick fashion. However, there is a darker side to social media and that is called accountability. Jason Wood has seen businesses and business owners get ousted for having bigoted views that conflict with the ethics that companies are supposed to uphold. Social awareness is crucial if you wish to remain afloat with your marketing content and actually thrive in the digital marketing world says Jason Wood.

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