Top Tips to Dramatically Increase Your Webinar Marketing Savvy  

Webinars have increasingly become more popular with managed service providers (MSP) as they easily highlight the benefits of outsourcing IT needs to the professionals. Webinars are highly engaging and one of the best ways to generate quality leads. Attendees can see your slide show and hear you talk from the comfort of their home office, a huge advantage in this current environment with many having to work remotely from home. 

Stuart Crawford, an MSP marketing professional with Ulistic offers top tips for drawing a new audience to your webinars and keeping them engaged.

Start With the Right Software

Before you start, you need the right technology. Research the relevant software on the market and look for the best option you can afford that suits your needs. You must also invest in a good microphone and headset. Not everyone who will view your webinar will be using a desktop computer. You want to use a reliable webinar software solution that is compatible with a variety of operating systems. Consider how your webinar will come across on a smartphone or tablet and structure your audio and slide presentation accordingly.

It’s All About the Audience

Savvy marketers know the best place to fish is where the fish are. It’s the same for your webinar marketing efforts. Research who your target audience is, where they hang out, and what their needs are. That puts you in a position to target the right audience with the right webinar message that resonates with them.

Brainstorm the Right Topic

Those who will want to watch your webinar are not interested in you, they are interested in “what’s in it for them.” Your webinar should provide value to your attendees and answer questions your target audience typically asks. Consider what challenges or problems your target audience is facing and ultimately how your solution can help resolve their challenges or eliminate their problems. For instance, a hot subject right now is “How small business IT support providers can protect corporations and remote workers from cyberattacks.”

Have a Specific Goal in Mind

Webinars should be treated as you would any marketing campaign, begin with a specific goal or purpose in mind. Before launching into a webinar, understand what your overriding communication objective is.

For example:

  • Do you want to build your brand as a leading IT managed service provider?
  • To you want to generate new leads and turn them into clients?
  • Do you want to establish yourself as an industry leader in the IT managed services industry?
  • Do you want to educate your audience by providing online training?

Use Appropriate Branding

Yes, you want to keep your brand top of mind throughout a webinar, make sure you use it where it makes sense. Use fonts, colors, and images consistent with your brand’s personality and tone of voice. A logo in the wrong palace can detract from your message.

Choose a Day and Time to Attract the Most Participants

According to GoToMeeting, the best days to conduct webinars are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It’s best to avoid commuting hours and lunchtime. Consider where the majority of your target audience live and what times will work best for them. Generally, the best time to begin a webinar is 15:00 GMT closely followed by 14:00 GMT.

Focus On Delivering Live Webinars First

Webinars can be recorded and replayed at any time. When you focus on live webinars you not only add credibility to your presentation, you build a relationship with your attendees as they can ask questions live and get an immediate response.

Use a Strong Call to Action

Remember, at the end of your presentation, include a strong call to action. You want your attendees to call you for more information, buy from you, or have them try out your services for a month’s free trial for instance. Use a limited-time offer for your attendees to add an extra incentive for them to respond to your call to action.