Is the ICICI Home loan provided with a low-interest rate?

Do you want to take a home loan from the ICICI bank? Do you know how much interest rate is applied on home loans? If yes, we will help you to get the fact about it.

The persons can take a home loan to build their own home and renew their existing home.

If you want to get a home loan from ICICI Bank, you must know all the eligibility criteria such as working experience, age qualification, etc. So read the complete article on ICICI home loans.

Benefits offered by ICICI Bank while taking the home loan.

If you want to make your dream home, it will be true by taking the dream loan from ICICI Bank. If you also want to buy the home of your dream or choice and want to build it from the ground niche. There is a broad range of home loans provided by the ICICI bank. Home loans will be given at attractive interest rates. With the help of a home loan, you can build your future home without any restrictions.

  • Compensation and other excluding charges are not applicable for a variable rate of home loan. You can apply online for a home loan under the branch of ICICI Bank.
  • You can also track the application status of a home loan. The Trackmyloan software application can do it.
  • You can access this tracking feature on the official website of ICICI bank.
  • ICICI bank offers quick and transparent processing to apply for a home loan.
  • ICICI bank provides special advantages for premium banking loan customers.
  • Repayment features are provided by the ICICI bank on the home loan.
  • You can pay back your loan amount in small EMI.
  • In this way, you are never stressed under the high debt after taking the ICICI home loan.
  • It offers 30 years of tenure of the repayment process under the terms and conditions.
  • It also offers attractive interest rates for various categories of home loans.
  • There are various home loan schemes. You can choose any home loan from the given schemes as per your requirement.
  • You can also transfer the loan amount into ICICI Bank from another bank. In this way, you can also pay the reduced EMI.

What are the criteria that make the candidate eligible for a home loan?

The eligibility criteria depend upon the candidate’s information, such as age qualification, monthly income, employment status, etc., for an ICICI home loan. If the loan applicant is eligible under certain criteria, the ICICI Bank agrees to give the loan.

  1. Age Qualification: If loan applicants are salaried people, their age should be under the age group of 21 years to 60 years. If the loan applicant is self-employed, their age should lie between 21 years to 65 years. You ensure this age criterion before taking the loan from a bank.
  2. Employment status: The candidate must have regular income sources that will apply for the home loan from ICICI Bank.
  3. Residency: The Indian candidates are only approved for taking the ICICI home loan.

Required documents by ICICI Bank:

  • Documents necessary if the applicant is a salaried person:
  • Loan application form with attested photograph
  • Identity ID
  • Residence proof
  • Salary slips and Bank Statements for the latest 3 months
  • Documents required for professional self-employed and salaried person:
  • Application form
  • Age proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Business proof
  • Tax return information

Final Verdict:

The information provided by us on ICICI bank home loan. Here you get all the information regarding the home loan, its eligibility criteria, and the documents required for taking a loan.