Inside the Sustainability Efforts of Keter CEO Alejandro Pena

Creating better outcomes for the planet is a goal that everyone can admire. For a long time, it was a goal that companies seemingly exempted themselves from. Keter Group CEO Alejandro Pena firmly believes in corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability, not just because it is profitable but also because it is the right thing to do.

Since being promoted to CEO at Keter Group in 2017, Alejandro Pena has focused on creating environmentally friendly policies while installing corporate sustainability and ESG efforts.

The Role of Corporate Sustainability

When corporations make big promises, it is easy for consumers to look away. Alejandro Pena has made it a mission to live up to the promises he made upon his installation as CEO of Keter Group. Since taking the position, Pena has been pivotal in the production and corresponding release of sustainability reports so that consumers can make better and more informed choices.

Alejandro Pena says, “It was evident to me that we were not just a company with a purpose of creating value, but a company with multiple stakeholders and purposes.”

Keter Group’s CEO would say, “One of our pillars is not only are we going to be a business driven by innovation, but that we are also going to live by the values of being good to the environment and being good to our communities.”

Multiple reports have concluded the impact that sustainable efforts can have when swaying a consumer to make a purchasing decision. Studies done by First Insight and the Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania revealed that consumers were significantly more willing to spend money on goods and services that were sustainably sourced.

The Pledge of Keter Group

Keter Group is a sustainable manufacturer of resin-based goods for the house and garden. Based in Israel, Alejandro Pena has been pivotal in helping to guide the company toward even more environmental outcomes.

Pena pointed to the Keter Everyday Sustainability Pledge when discussing his business goals going forward. Pena stated, “Last year, we made significant progress in taking carbon out of our manufacturing processes.”

Gesturing to the future, Pena states, “I think our industry is still somewhat underdeveloped regarding sustainability. We take it seriously because, particularly on the environmental side of things, we commit to be good stewards of the environment and good citizens to the communities we work in.”