Give Your Bathroom a Makeover with Custom Bathroom Vanities

A beautiful, well-organized bathroom dramatically influences your mood and sets you up for a perfect day ahead. As soon as you enter the bathroom, the first that catches your attention is the bathroom vanity. Since bathroom vanity is a routine of your life, why not put serious thought behind its look and feel? Bathroom vanity should complement your lifestyle, habits, and budget. The concept, layout, and style of your bathroom vanity are vital factors to your choice of vanity. Custom bathroom vanities are luxurious entities for some homeowners that match their desired specifications. That’s why custom bathroom vanity is popular among some customers.

What exactly is a bathroom vanity?

The vanity is like the bathroom centre piece that plays a central role for essential tasks such as tooth brushing and washing of hands. The vanity is also the most decorated furnishing in most bathrooms. The vanity is placed below the mirror. That’s why the bathroom vanity catches everyone’s attention because it is the first thing you see as soon as you enter the bathroom.

Bathroom Installation Expenses

In the home refurbishment process, purchasing and installing bathroom vanity are separate expenses. Your contractor will list labour costs separately from the purchased material, so you plan to pay extra charges for vanity installation. The cost of installation can differ depending on the movement or removal of your plumbing by your contractor. Expect an expense of a few hundred to thousand dollars just for installation.These two are some reasons for the high expense:

  • Flooring: The fact that the modern vanities have legs, but often older vanities don’t. Removal of an old vanity with a footprint revealing the ground stain or damaging the floor beneath the vanity. If the vanity sits above the ground, your contractor will require new flooring,increasing the price.
  • Size: The bigger the vanity is, the extra money it costs. Custom sizes of bathroom vanities (even for little vanities) additional cost is incurred due to the personalized sizes in custom and semi-custom vanities. These kinds of vanities cost more cash overall due to their customization.

Factors associated with designing a Custom Vanity?

Technically, a custom bathroom vanity is one made to the precise measurements of your space and specifications. However, those using the term “custom” actually mean “semi-custom.” In a very semi-custom arrangement, you begin with a basic vanity then select from an inventory of accessible options. When choosing your custom vanity and countertop, consider the following:

  • Style: You’ll be asked to settle on between many modern, shaker, farmhouse, transitional, classic, industrial styles.
  • Finish: Painted vanities have become more common in recent years than natural wood vanities. Nevertheless, once the vanity is painted, you can’t restore it to its original natural wood finish. So choose carefully.
  • Budget: When it comes to bathroom vanity, quality, size, and customization are the most significant cost drivers. Small, pre-made vanities are the foremost affordable, ranging from just some hundred dollars. Customized, large, and better quality vanity models cost more cash overall.

Beautiful custom bathroom vanities are of prime importance for increasing the attractiveness of your bathroom. If you are fed up with a dull and boring bathroom, then get your bathroom an overhaul with a custom bathroom vanity set.