CFMoto 400NK- Top 5 Things to Know

Automobiles in the Indian market gain a lot of attention as most of us quite keen and interested with the auto mobiles and vehicles. The New Year is going to arrive and is on the edge, many top and trending companies from different sectors are all set to launch their new products and services to make it easier for the respective targets and the people. Well, the same initiative goes for the automobile industry experts and the companies too.

Of course, here we are talking about the most popular brand when it comes bikes as CF Moto. The brand has again come up with another of its product or vehicle to impress the audience and all the automobile lovers, known as CF Moto 400NK.

Before, you decide to buy the vehicle; here we have got some of its best features and a few things that you must know while you buy the bike.

Top 5 things to know about CF Moto 400NK

You can simply refer to all the points and things that highlight the CF Moto and make it stand out in the crowd.

  1. Tilt sensor

Well, as compared to other vehicles from the same brand, 400 NK does miss on a few features that are quite expected by the people and the audience. It does not have LED headlights, where the 650NK has it on both indicators and light lamps. The colour TFT screen is replaced with a large digital console. Along with some of its missing feature it does have the tilt feature that simply impresses us.

  1. Quite heavy

Well, the vehicle is quite heavy or weighs just as same as the 650 NK which is making it little heavier for the biker lovers. The bike is moderately heavy and does not weigh too much as 650NK. The seat is not on the low side and the looks itself looks like you have got added weight in the bike.

  1. Performance is appreciable

Of course, CF Moto simply speaks for the performance and has got its name tagged in the bike rows. It claims a high speed or top speed that comes with 155Km per hour which is very energetic for all the bike riders.

  1. Similarity

Only if you know the brand has already earned loads of applauds and appreciation for launching some of it’s ever green and well performing bikes in the market since the company’s launch. Well, it does somewhat looks like the 650NK and you probably won’t be able to make any difference out of both of it. By looks and appearance, both of them looks very same and even the features are quite very similar if focused carefully.

  1. Price

However, the price is yet to be fixed for the bike. The market has predicted that 400NK will be more expensive as compared to the Duke or KTM. The price will be reflected only after the official launch of the bike though. Yet, you can make an estimation of about Rs.3 lakhs as per the market expectations.


Hence, you can go ahead with the purchase of 400NK from CF Moto. The price is not yet fixed though and every bike lover who is expecting for the CF Moto 400NK will have to wait for its official launch.