Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is More Effective Than DIY Kits

Our smiles are one of the first things people notice about us and the key to making a great first impression. People are willing to invest in their dental procedures to get the best dental treatment from dependable dentists. Among these dental services, teeth whitening is an increasingly popular treatment among people who want a whiter and brighter smile.

In recent years, DIY teeth whitening products have been hitting grocery shelves and late-night infomercials. Images of young people flaunting their pearly white smiles are filling our social media feed while holding teeth whitening kits, pens, strips, and LED trays. All these have spurred people’s obsession to achieve an attractive smile.

Although over-the-counter whitening kits are affordable and convenient to use, these products don’t offer the benefits offered by professional teeth whitening. While most people are expecting decent and quick outcomes from at-home products, they don’t compare to the many benefits professional teeth whitening offers.

If you’re deciding whether to buy a DIY teeth whitening product or have it done by a professional dentist, this article will list down the advantages of teeth whitening done by an experienced professional.

DIY teeth whitening kits cause teeth problems

More often, DIY teeth whitening products use strong bleaching solutions to achieve the desired results. Teeth whitening products contain higher percentages of bleaching solution but the results will last for only a short period. If the patient wants to maintain whiter teeth, they have to use the product repeatedly.

The problem with DIY teeth whitening products is it causes the teeth to become dehydrated, which leads to teeth sensitivity. If left untreated, this will cause extreme pain and other teeth problems. The patient may also struggle to take certain foods or drinks.

Incorrect use of teeth whitening kits leads to discomfort and sensitivity. A common mistake among patients is they use the product at the wrong frequency or time. Some aren’t even aware that the bleaching solution shouldn’t touch the gum line and other parts of the oral cavity.

When a professional dentist performs the treatment, you can always count on them to give the best results without harming the teeth. Dentists use professional teeth whitening products that are safe, effective, and won’t cause further damage.

Professional whitening treatment is more comfortable and much safer because you can ensure a dental professional will perform the procedure and monitor the progress. The dentist will also adjust the concentration of the treatment, protect your gums and other parts of your oral cavity, and provide post-session treatment and offers suggestions to prevent tooth sensitivity.

DIY teeth whitening doesn’t last long

The reason people turn to teeth whitening is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. To get quick results, they purchase DIY teeth whitening products, but they end up wearing off after a few weeks. This will force the patient to repeat the treatment to get long-term results.

Not only will the costs add up after several years, but it’s also time-consuming since you have to keep up with the treatment to obtain the desired results. Also, not all DIY kits are 100% effective, so most dentists don’t recommend using them.

Compared to DIY products, professional teeth whitening ensures quicker results that last for a long time. Dentists have access to safer and quality materials that produce lasting results than DIY or at-home teeth whitening products. On the other hand, over-the-counter treatments rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, which lacks versatility. Patients cannot customize the product according to their dental needs and whitening preference.

Dentists use a customized whitening solution to give patients accurate results with safety precautions in mind. The results can last up to several years if the patient maintains good dental hygiene. Although the treatment is more costly than DIY kits, you can ensure that professional treatment is worth your money.

Professional teeth whitening guarantees quick results

When it comes to teeth whitening, treatments may vary for every patient, which means not everyone goes through a similar process. This is the reason users of DIY products notice they end up applying the product regularly. This will cost too much stress and hassle on the patient’s end.

Meanwhile, professional teeth whitening requires a few appointments with each session that lasts over an hour. The dentist will apply the whitening treatment to the teeth, which often takes 15 to 20 minutes. Although each treatment will require you to visit the dentist, you’ll notice the results quicker than you expected. Unlike DIY kits, the patient has to invest a lot of time, effort, and money to get the results they wanted.

Although teeth whitening products are convenient to use, don’t settle for less when it comes to your dental health. Nothing compares when we leave our dental concerns in the hands of an experienced dentist. With professional treatment, you can ensure you get the best services for your most important asset.