Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in Texas Infographic

Driving on Texas roads can be hazardous to your health. These roads have seen more fatalities than any others in Texas.

It goes without saying that if you ever find yourself on these roads, you must do so with extreme caution.

These are the top 10 most dangerous roads in Texs

  1. Highway 59 near Houston

This road is notorious for its high rate of fatalities. This roadway has seen at least 20 deaths in 2011 and made a list last year.

  1. I-45 near Houston

Another road in Houston with many fatalities is Interstate 45, which runs through downtown and comes within inches of becoming US 59 at one point. There were more than 20 fatalities reported on this highway in 2011.

  1. US 67 near Moulton

This small, two-lane road has many fatalities going back to 2006. One local man said that the road is curvy and narrow, probably contributing to many accidents. The estimated speed limit for most of this road is around 50mph.

  1. US 87 near Eula

This road is an interstate with more than 20 fatalities going back to 2010. The speed limit for most of this road is 70 MPH, and there have been many serious cars crashes on the highway due to some drivers traveling at speeds as high as 100MPH. In 2014, a woman was arrested after driving more than 100 miles per hour on this Interstate.

  1. I-10 near Beaumont

More fatalities reported along this interstate throughout the years have resulted from drunk driving, speed, and people losing control of their vehicles while trying to swerve out of the way of other motorists. In 2013, a local individual lost control of their car and crashed into a tree.

  1. FM 1338 near Moody

This small, two-lane road has seen its share of fatalities over the past few years. There are very few shoulders on this road, making it difficult for emergency responders to reach accident victims quickly. The speed limit on many sections of this road is 45 mph.

  1. I-45 near Corsicana

Considering these are two of the largest cities in Texas, it’s surprising that this Interstate has seen so many fatalities since 2006 – at least 31 to be exact. Many accidents occur because drivers are traveling too fast, either on the highway or on the access roads, making it difficult for other motorists to see them and avoid a collision.

  1. I-10 near Beaumont

This interstate sees plenty of accidents and fatalities because drivers tend to lose control of their vehicles while traveling at high rates of speed between the two cities which are about 10 miles apart. The lack of uniformity in this road’s lane width can also contribute to motorists not knowing their lanes.

  1. US 290 near Brenham

A local law enforcement official said that speed is the leading cause of accidents on this road because many drivers travel well over the posted speed limit. There have been at least 16 fatalities reported since 2010 along this road.

  1. I-35 near Waco

This interstate sees many accidents and fatalities due to speeding, drunk driving, and motorists losing control of their vehicles. There were at least 16 fatalities reported along this road in 2011 alone.

These are the top 10 most dangerous roads in Texas. Remember to use caution whenever you’re out on these roads.