Tips For Choosing Furniture For People With Limited Mobility

People with limited mobility have special needs when it comes to furniture. Functionality and substance are significant aspects one cannot afford to overlook. But it is still possible to introduce style, elegance, and comfort to purpose.

Whenever one is picking out furniture for physically disabled persons, the key is on promoting maximum independence. Any endeavor that improves the quality of their life is a worthy gift. Doctors and occupational therapists can provide ample insight into the matter, but having a bit of knowledge goes a long way.

Every room in the house serves different purposes, which calls for a specialized touch. Let us consider some ideas you can apply around the home to make it comfy and stylish for anyone with limited mobility.

The Living Room

This is where you entertain most of your guests. Or maybe where you spend most of your evenings. Therefore, invest in furniture pieces that appeal to your comfort. For instance, couches with raised armrests and shorter seat depths are comfortable to hoist onto with little or no help. Recliner seats are also a good choice. If a child is in a wheelchair, a small architect table is a lovely addition for the little one when they have their friends over.

Introduce color to bring some personality to the room. And do not be afraid to go bold with prints and patterns. Consult with a professional, so the living room does not end up resembling a showroom.

The Kitchen

Safety should be critical. And the risk of injury is higher if the user has any form of physical challenge. Rounded tables are better than ones with corners. Invest in storage cabinets and have them installed at a level you can access easily.

The Bedroom

A good night’s sleep is invaluable. Choose a bed that is low and sturdy enough to support an orthopedic mattress. Combine neutral tones, soft textiles, and bold colors to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Home office

If you work from home, having space to get creative is essential. Therefore, invest in office furniture that is suitable for your needs. Make sure you purchase a supportive chair to go with the desk, as you may be seated for long hours at a time.

Consider the amount of storage you require. Shelves and cabinets help keep things organized and avoid clutter. As you will probably be spending a substantial amount of time in the office, ensure there is proper lighting. Let natural light flow in if possible to give the room an airy feel.

Final Word

As mentioned earlier, people with limited mobility have slightly different needs when it comes to furniture, especially if they live on their own. There are numerous stores you can visit to find adaptive furniture. Specialized sellers are known to have higher price tags. Thus, check stores like Ferm Living. Their collections may include several pieces you can purchase at a cheaper cost. All in all, the right furniture will make independent living more comfortable.