Tips for Choosing A Home Cleaning Service Provider

Cleanliness is next to godliness, goes the old saying. Many people will give the daily cleaning routine a try. However, once in a while, you find the floor is not sparkling as it should be, or the sink has an offensive odor. You can reach out to a home cleaning service to help you out.

Other times, we lack the patience or the time to give the floors, walls, sinks, and bathrooms the scrubbing they deserve. How can you choose the best home cleaning service provider among many providers? Will the provider use drain maintenance products and guarantee your safety? Will the cleaners maintain the integrity of your home? Here are tips when looking for the most appropriate home cleaning service provider.

1.   Decide what you want

Access the intensity of cleaning services needed and decide between individual and professional cleaning services. Hiring an individual is easy and affordable. An individual provides a homely personal touch and is easy to manage. Further, you feel at ease showing an individual around your home than when dealing with a team of cleaners.

 On the other hand, a team of professional cleaners is ideal when you’re pressed for time. They’re quick and more thorough because each person concentrates on a particular area. Additionally, the cleaning company employees are likely to be insured and may compensate you for losses incurred.

2.   Ask for references

Talk to family, colleagues, and friends and ask them to recommend reputable cleaning service providers. Your friends have interacted with the cleaners personally, and their feedback is likely to be similar to your experience.

You can also read online reviews to see what other clients say about the service provider. And while at it, ask the right questions because situations in your home may be different from another client. For instance, an individual cleaner may use more time cleaning an entire home, while a team may clean best within an hour.

Relevant questions to ask the home cleaning service provider

Hiring a team of professional cleaners can feel tingly because you allow strangers in your space. It pays off, holding a face-to-face interview with the provider. Here are relevant questions to ask during your meet-up.

What kind of cleaning services do you specialize in?

You intend to hire a provider who specializes in your area of need. Some of the areas of need in the market include vacuuming, dusting, wiping, mobbing, bathroom and toilet scrubbing, and disinfection. You can also request the cleaners to arrange, reorganize and handle jewelry and electronics under your supervision.

What are the charges for cleaning services?

Cleaning service providers charge by the hour. However, you can ask if they have a flat rate and if there are extra costs. Typically, most cleaning service providers visit the home to assess and offer an estimate of the time required. Having your home in the same condition it will be when the professionals come is critical. This will match the estimated price quoted and the amount you’ll pay on the material day.

Find out if there are extra charges for high ceilings, windows, deep cleaning services for carpets, and window treatments. The home visit allows them to spot anything that needs extra services.

How trustworthy are your employees?

Ask the service provider about the integrity of the cleaners. For instance, how long have the cleaners worked with the company? The longer a cleaner has stayed with the company, the more confidence they exude. It is also likely that the company will send the same team of workers in your home in the future.

Are the cleaners trained in their work?

Cleaning is more than soap and water. The company should have trained cleaners who understand the dynamics of handling clients and their homes. The company should not work with the assumption that everyone can clean as effectively as required.

The company should be confident by training their employees on how to handle electronics, clean different types of surfaces, how and where to use different types of cleaning agents, and more. If the company does not train its workers, continue looking for an appropriate company.

Do you have a reference for your cleaning service life?

A reputable cleaning company should have former satisfied clients. Ask for the referee’s contacts and talk to two or three. Their feedback is crucial because the company will likely duplicate their experience in your home. Be wary of a provider with no references. Further, listen to your instincts and continue the search if you’re uncomfortable with a provider.

Is there proof of insurance coverage?

Be sure the cleaning service company has valid insurance. An insurance cover protects you from any liability in case of an accident while the team works in your home. It also covers any damages or losses the workers may cause while working on your premise.

 What type of cleaning agents does the company use?

The world is consciously embracing environment-friendly cleaning agents. Green cleaning preserves the environment and human health. Companies that embrace green cleaning are likely to embrace integrity as a core value. Consequently, the company will leave your home better and cleaner than they find it. You can ask the company to give you a list of the cleaning products they use.

Additionally, find out if the company provides protective gear to its cleaners. Protective measures safeguard your home, pet, children, and the employees working there.

Does the company have permits, certificates, and standards?

A reputable company should have standards and apply them in its work culture. You can visit the company office and see if they display their permits and certificates. Consider the company reputable if they display a set of core values and standards for all and sundry. Certificates and standards prove commitment to their work.

Take away

Cleaning is not as easy as it seems. Maintaining the home clean may require hiring an individual to help you. However, a professional cleaning company is ideal for anyone if time, patience, and elbow grease are not one’s forte.