Timeless Luxury Interior Design Trends to Follow in your Dubai Villas

Your home is an escape like no other. It is only evident that you design your home in a way that is pleasing to your eyes and soothing to your soul. For most people, carrying out a luxury interior design in Dubai in their villas is based on timeless trends that can stay evergreen, no matter the year or the season.

Keeping people’s preferences in mind, here are some of the timeless luxury interior designs to follow when giving your villa the makeover it deserves:

Sustainable interiors

If there is one trend that is the need of the hour, irrespective of the year or the century, it is sustainable interiors. Waste reduction and low carbon footprint are voluntary actions. However, you needn’t make overly large changes in your life to fit sustainability as part of your daily routine.

A simple gesture of ensuring sustainable interiors can do the trick. By using lightings that are energy-efficient, creating a green space in some corners of your villa, using natural stones within your interiors, placing windows that bathe the rooms with natural light, and using furnishings and decor that are environment-friendly are all that you need to make a green start while still designing an interior that is alluring.

Gleam and gloss

This can come as a surprise after the emphasis on a minimalistic approach in recent years. While minimal is certainly good, there is nothing more impressive than lustrous, glossy finishes to your luxury homes. From tiles that offer an elegant touch to your homes to furnishings that gleam with opulence, adding some glitz and gloss to your home is certainly a trend you can follow!

A curvy affair

Remember when all things sharp was in? Sleek edges and corners were all the rage to make your home interiors look classy and aristocratic. The recent trends have made way for curves to be back in the good graces of luxury interior designers in Dubai! From your luxury sofas to your armoire, you can make curves a common villa interior design theme for your home.

Metal combinations

Metals have long been considered a sophisticated choice of furnishing in luxury homes. But what’s new is creating metal combinations. Yes, that gleaming iron tabletop can be perfectly paired with black metal to create an even more aesthetic fusion within your home.

And to make it more enthralling, you can even pair your metals with wood or store or warm textures that add to their appeal.

A touch of green

While we have covered sustainable interiors, bringing in some greenery within the walls of your home is always a welcome addition. With exotic plants gracing your homes, you can create your own escape that is beautiful and magnificent to behold.

While these are just a few trends that you can follow while planning a luxury interior design in Dubai for your villa, there is much more that you can do to add your own personal touch to your living space while keeping its beauty and charm ageless.