The Importance of Facebook Verification for Entertainers and Performers in 2022

Let’s take a look at some ways that Facebook page verification proves to be an asset in the professional social media profile of an entertainer.

Social media is the most powerful channel to promote your work in the digital era if you are an artist, performer, or entertainer. The most popular social media platforms today, like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, with their millions of daily active users globally, are extremely effective tools for marketing in the entertainment industry.

On Facebook, the blue tick signifying that a profile is verified provides a valuable advantage to a user. And for entertainers and performers, this holds particularly true. Let’s take a look at some ways that Facebook page verification proves to be an asset in the professional social media profile of an entertainer.

Certifies Authenticity

Facebook page verification is a great way to strengthen your online presence among fans. This is because that symbolic blue tick certifies your authenticity and separates you from your impersonators. The blue badge is social proof that signals to your followers that they are engaging with exactly who they think you are. With so many impostors proliferating the Internet, fans are much more inclined to feel comfortable following those accounts that are verified. In short, verification guarantees your trustworthiness and credibility that can ultimately boost your revenue streams.

Ranks you Higher in Search Engine Results

The blue verification badge also helps your work reach more people as the Facebook algorithm is preferential to content from verified accounts. When searching for content online, users are more likely to find your Facebook page higher in the search results if it is verified. This will help newer audiences to discover your work more easily, thereby boosting your popularity, follower count, and reach.

Boosts Networking Potential

Social media account verification also increases your chances of networking with other entertainers and industry professionals. Having a verified profile on Facebook boosts your authority, so you will liken your chances of getting your peers’ attention and possibly collaborating with them. Brands, too, are more likely to notice you and your work if you are verified. They may even contact you to be an ambassador for their product. Additionally, as a certified entertainer, if you post about your favorite brands whose products you like to use in your own work, such as musical equipment, accessories, etc., and tag the brands in question, they may reach out to you for sponsored advertisements. It is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and open up a world of opportunities.

Heightened Security

Facebook page verification gives your professional account increased security. Your page will have more protection from hackers and malicious parties, which will afford you a sense of relief. The repercussions of having your official profile breached can be devastating. Facebook offers verified users tighter security with appropriate safeguards against those scenarios. It can also make it easier to build a better relationship with the platform administrators if your account is verified and receive quicker responses when you contact them.

All in all, being verified on Facebook leads to your work having more influence over your audience. However, getting Facebook Verified is easier said than done since you must fulfill a number of criteria to be even eligible for applying. While some of these criteria are easy to achieve on your own, you may need professional help to tick mark the rest. If you are a rising artist or entertainer, you may contact a professional social media account verification agency that specializes in Facebook verification to make the process easier and more streamlined for yourself.