The Family History of Evan Rubinson Audio: A Journey Worth Taking

Evan Rubinson is a man of many talents – including being an investment professional and long-time entrepreneur.

After graduating from the esteemed Duke University, Evan Rubinson founded Koroit Capital – a biotech hedge fund. But it was when his father, himself a business leader, decided to give up his musical instrument company that Mr. Rubinson decided to set out on a new trajectory. He’d grown up with a love of music, but this quality – coupled with his sense of compassion and his willingness to continue the journey that his father had begun so many years ago – led to the creation of Evan Rubinson Audio.

Evan Rubinson Audio: The Story So Far

Indeed, it was Evan Rubinson’s dedication to his own father that carved out the journey he now finds himself on.

After his father fell ill, the elder Rubinson soon found himself diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Evan decided that then was the right time to move closer to home, so that he could be with his father and help determine exactly which steps to take next.

Evan had grown up with a strong sense of family, and that was something that continued well into his adult years. Even before his father’s diagnosis, it was a quality that could be seen all throughout his storied career. The hedge fund that he founded, for example, was soon turned into a family office – despite the fact that this was hardly the most financially savvy choice he could have made.

Then, when his father fell ill, Evan Rubinson was faced with a choice. He could continue along the career that he had slowly been building for himself, or he could do whatever it took to preserve his father’s legacy.

For Evan, it ultimately wasn’t much of a choice at all. It was more of a foregone conclusion.

After spending six years of his life dedicating his every waking hour to his father’s company – Armadillo Enterprises – Evan decided to take things to the next logical level. That’s when he found ERA Music Brands, which brought a multitude of brands together via a single entity that instantly separated itself from virtually every other musical instrument supplier on the market today.

He was able to leverage his background as a business professional, coupled with his passion for the industry, to create something that would more than make his father proud. Evan himself spends a great majority of the time each day juggling not only the various organizational responsibilities that are inherent in an enterprise so large but also analytical tasks as well. Today, the company has grown to have an established presence in not only the United States, but the United Kingdom as well.

Evan Rubinson prides himself on not only his ability to strategically plan for the future of the company given the current market conditions but to also hire the right people to help complete his father’s ultimate vision for the organization. That is one goal that he has no plans on giving up on any time soon, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.