Solo Road Trips: Essential Travel Preparations to Keep in Mind

Driving is therapeutic and liberating. It gives you the notion that you have the power and control over whatever life throws at you. Thus, hitting the road on your own is an excellent way to escape the reality that is life.

According to reports, more and more Americans are captivated by the idea of traveling exclusively by themselves. One reason for this trend is that solo travels open self-discovery opportunities and the freedom to explore various places, food, tourist destinations, and other leisure activities — all of this on their own time and rules.


Moreover, traveling alone can save you money and challenge you to rely on your own. Thus, discovering new restaurants and scoring a discount from hotels makes the journey more thrilling instead of feeling lonely. But of course, before you start packing your bags for your solo road trip, pre-planning preparation is essential.

Tune up your car.

Long car drives can quickly become a nightmare, especially if you hit the road without visiting a mechanic. Have them check your car for wear and tear, leaks, and let them fine-tune the engines. If necessary, seek professional advice regarding upgrades or essential auto maintenance for your brakes, tires, or car audio and speakers.

The last thing you need is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, wondering if help will ever come. Ensuring that everything is in good condition will prevent any further damage or accidents. Thus, lesser stress and cost for repairs.

In addition, have your car cleaned inside and out a day or two before your trip. According to studies, the car’s interior can serve as a breeding ground for viruses, bugs, and harmful bacteria such as E. coli. This can put you at high risk for diarrhea, urinary tract infection (UTI), meningitis, pneumonia, and other clinical infections.

Moreover, cleaning your car will eliminate any foul smell, molds, and dust that can trigger allergic reactions such as itchy skin, dry eyes, cough, and colds that impede your travels. Thus, consider wiping every corner and throwing away those candy wrappers, receipts, and crumbs lying around. You can also go to a nearby car wash to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Equip your phone with essentials.

Nowadays, you can find almost everything you need on the internet. So what better way than to make the most of it? Take time to research apps that you can use to explore and navigate your way around places.

Anything from updated maps to finding the best restaurants, booking apps for hotels, and buying tickets for various shows and happenings can make your trip more manageable and less of a hassle. Of course, keeping yourself entertained while on the road is a must.

Therefore, downloading your favorite streaming apps can give you access to your favorite shows, songs, podcasts, and audiobooks that you can listen to while on the road. Consider making a playlist for each category to save time and quicker access. Remember to bring your chargers and extra power banks for emergencies.

Secure your home.

Going away for days or weeks requires you to take extra precautions. This includes asking a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor to look over your property while you’re gone. Remember to give them your emergency numbers and write down specific instructions. For example, if you have incoming mails or packages, you can ask to keep them in the meantime.

You can also install sprinklers on your lawn to keep your grass and vegetation hydrated. If you have indoor plants, it will be best to bring them out as well. Moreover, consider changing the locks and installing smart home security weeks before your trip for your peace of mind. This innovation can give you access to your house regardless of the distance and ensure everything is secured.

If you have pets that you can’t take with you, look for facilities that can take care of them and offer them home while you’re away. Make sure to give them a thorough detail of your pet’s health concerns and diet, including allergies, commands, potty breaks, vaccination, behavior, and other necessary information.

When you’re ready, consider getting a cooler for your drinks and snacks on the road. Take your first-aid kit with you and equip it with necessary medications. This includes prescriptions, bug lotion, and pain killers, to name a few.

Traveling alone will do wonders for your mind and overall perception in life. Thus, while planning is crucial, ensure to leave some room for spontaneity to keep things exciting. This is a chance for you to relax and get to know the world a little better. So relax, enjoy, and stay safe!