Put an End to Online Hate With Yubo: Social Media Platform Partners With The Diana Award

Did you know that cyberbullying is considered the #1 safety concern among teachers concerning their students? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fade into the past, its impact will still linger.

According to a study published by DigitalTrends, bullying and hate speech among teens rose by more than 70%. With our increasing reliance on social media and digital connectivity, these issues remain at the forefront of digital conversations.

Yubo, a live social discovery platform based out of France, recently implemented a string of anti-bullying and hate speech rules to help make their system as clean and welcoming as possible. Their efforts were so successful that they’ve since connected with The Diana Award to push their efforts even further.

Yubo and The Diana Award Link Hands

Established in France just under half a decade ago, the team of social media experts at Yubo has had to overcome major hurdles and barriers throughout the team’s young life.

Developed with a focus on in-app connectivity via video and audio, Yubo is driven by AI technology and a host of anti-bullying features. Considered the Gen Z social media platform, Yubo allows users to mute, filter, and otherwise control the very comments and messages they read. An advanced feature known as Mute Words allows users to take control of their entire experience.

Together with their Safety Advisory Board, Yubo collaborates with experts and former leaders of respected institutions like INTERPOL, the National Centers for Missing and Exploited Children and Thorn.

Yubo Safety Advisory Board member Alex Holmes stated, “The line between online and the real world is increasingly blurred for young people, many of whom have had firsthand exposure to online communities since their earliest formative years.”

In its partnership with The Diana Award, the team at Yubo has implemented a huge collection of anti-bullying insights, tips, and suggestions. These anti-bullying bullet points have been integrated into the Yubo UI to ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.

About The Diana Award

The Diana Award is an organization first founded in the United Kingdom to honor the life of Princess Diana of Wales. The Diana Work focuses specifically on younger ages, individuals between 9 and 25. Knowing that cyberbullying is a major issue and a stressor among younger individuals, the Diana Award has made a special focus on uniting minds while changing overall attitudes.

A spokesman for Yubo said of the partnership with The Diana Award, “We are proud to work alongside such impactful organizations like The Diana Award as part of our ongoing anti-bullying efforts.”

Yubo closed out the announced partnership by highlighting the string of technical tools and enacted policies that will be beneficial in curbing potentially toxic and problematic behavior about bullying.