Powering the dreams

Electricity is an essential thing that powers homes and offices alike. However, transmission depends a lot on external factors too. The power connection can be disturbed by factors beyond anyone’s control, like the weather or someone breaking the cables while digging up. Even while the power transmission is present, a connection can have surges or low voltage. Given that sensitive instruments like computers are one of the most-hit devices in case of a power surge or outage, an uninterruptible power supply can help one minimise downtime by providing regulated electricity round the clock. Connecting one’s valued assets directly to the transmission grid can cause one loss due to power failure or system components’ degradation due to unstable power.

Choosing the Best UPS

Many things need to be taken care of while choosing the uninterruptible power supply or UPS. These systems come in a wide variety of form factors, power ratings and efficiencies. While one need not spend more on industrial quality machines to power a small household, it is still essential to choose the best to make sure that one doesn’t pay more due to power leakage. The first step in choosing a UPS is to identify the connected load that has to be powered by the UPS and then do quality wiring for the same. For households, one could calculate the power requirement once and install a system, while for businesses, it is different. The connected load can vary over time concerning the company’s expansion, and rewiring from scratch is an arduous task one need not go by. In such situations, one could choose modular UPS units where extra units can be plugged in on the UPS rack as the connected load increases.

UPS Installation

Every UPS system works by storing the electricity on battery banks, from which stable power is taken to be fed to the distribution board. Essentially, for a UPS system to work correctly, it is quintessential to use heavy-duty batteries and proper cabling.With experience in installing and maintaining over 50,000 systems all over Australia, UPS Solutions is an industry leader one can trust to power one’s business. Apart from installation, they also offer data monitoring services to check for the health of batteries and other systems to stay intact over the years.

Managing the UPS service

The nation-wide 4-hour service offered 24×7 by UPS solutions is an unparalleled level of service anyone can offer. Through extensive partnerships, they manage a clientele that ranges from small businesses to multinational corporations. The availability of expert engineers and technicians from the service means that the entirety of installation and the post-installation maintenance will be taken care of by the team.

With experience in handling the power requirements ranging from 1 kVA up to 500 kVA, UPS solutions give one the best service, backed up by government accreditation. Their robust service policies help businesses of any calibre flourish by securing their systems from any power surges or failures. Availability of the highest quality batteries and systems, the option to choose from a wide variety of battery manufacturers, installation of server racks and powering server rooms, and continuous monitoring for performance and system make the UPS solutions stand out from other service providers. After all, why cut corners when one doesn’t have to? Power your dreams without any interruptions with UPS Solutions.