Personal Injury Claim Settlements & What You Should Know

Personal injuries are pretty common and can cause physical, emotional and financial burden to the victim. If someone is responsible for your injuries, you can file a claim and get compensation for the damages. But, you might still want to know how much your claim is worth and what affects the settlement value. Here are things to know about personal injury settlements.

What affects personal injury settlements?

There are various aspects that determine the value of your settlement. These include the type of injuries, availability of witnesses, attorney expertise and more. You may incur severe or slight injuries, but the settlement value depends on the types of injuries incurred. Serious injuries involve damages it hard body tissues, brain injuries, nerve or spinal damages. They require special medical attention and regular visits to the doctor and attract a high settlement value.

The availability of witnesses is also paramount. You’ll likely get a higher settlement value if you have witnesses. What of an attorney? While some people follow up on personal injury cases by themselves, Scura law firm attorneys advise that you engage a professional. This is because insurance firms have expert attorneys, and you need an expert to negotiate on your behalf. The existence of other pre-existing conditions may also determine the verdict.

How can I make a settlement offer?

Before commencing the settlement process, seek medical help. The doctor will determine the extent of injuries and offer appropriate medical attention. The types of injuries and medical procedures play a significant role in determining the settlement value.

After that, calculate your special damages or economic losses incurred. These may include lost wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses or lost earning capability. Also, determine the non-economic damages like mental anguish, pain and suffering, humiliation, embarrassment and more.

Now you’re ready to issue your settlement demand letter to the defendant or insurance company. The settlement process involves negotiating with the insurance company regarding the claim value before an agreement is reached.

 But, with an experienced attorney, the process will be much easier. You may also have to adjust the value of your claim depending on several factors. These include; liability, multiple defendants, place of trial and mitigation of damages.

Can I negotiate personal injury settlements without an attorney?

This saves a lot of money. However, you should understand the nature of your case and be prepared to handle all aspects of the process. In cases of minor injuries and clear fault by the other party, it may be easy to negotiate for settlement without an attorney. However, in case of severe injuries, you need a personal injury lawyer. The professional understand various types of damages and their worth. They will then negotiate with the insurance firm and ensure that you get a reasonable settlement. You may end up getting a lower amount if you do this by yourself.

The bottom line

If you incur personal injuries due to another person’s fault, the best way to hold them accountable is by filing a claim. Do this immediately to avoid losing your right to compensation. Also, seek help from a personal injury attorney; the professional will offer legal representation and negotiate the most suitable settlement as per the injuries incurred.