Most Effective Solutions for Removing Mold from Your Home


When your home is full of hidden mold, the first tools of identification are your own lungs. You’ll start having respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and get sick more often. You can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to get rid of mold. Otherwise, you can try out the following solutions to clean the mold yourself.

The Solutions

  1. RMR-141 – RMR-141 is a cleaner and disinfectant solution that can clean mold from any surface. Its powerful formula stops mold and mildew growth and comes in the form of a spray bottle for easy use. If you want to clean a large area, you can buy the gallon-size pack and use it to clean entire rooms.

While the solution is powerful and made from artificial chemicals, it is approved by the EPA and hence safe for use. However, you should wear proper safety gear to prevent direct contact with strong chemicals. One of its powerful ingredients is ammonium, which allows it to target mold. Mildew and other filth like bacteria and allergens. However, you may need to follow up with a different product so that you can remove discoloration caused by years of mold buildup.

  1. Benefect Botanical Decon 30 – If you don’t want harsh chemicals for removing mold but want the convenience of buying a powerful mold remover from the store, Decon 30 is the ideal product for you. It’s a plant-based product that doesn’t use any strong chemicals and doesn’t require you to use PPE gear to protect your eyes and skin. When you use this product, you don’t have to wear masks either since it does not create any toxic fumes.

In fact, you won’t have any problems even if Decon 30 gets used on food-safe surfaces. It is approved by the EPA as a fungicidal and mildew stat product and also kills a vast variety of viruses and bacteria. The main ingredient of this mold remover is thymol, a Thyme oil derivative. With the use of mostly natural ingredients, this product is able to keep your home free from mold and mildew.

  1. Concrobium mold control aerosol – While removing mold from hard surfaces is an easy affair, fabrics make things very difficult. When mold forms on fabrics, it can lead to staining, discoloration, terrible odor, and other such problems. If you have curtains or other fabrics in damp humid environments, you’re already familiar with this problem.

Fortunately, the Concrobium mold control aerosol is an amazing and easy fix to this problem. The can of spray releases a fine mist that covers the molded fabric evenly without the risk of over-saturation. As long as you follow the application instructions, you wouldn’t face any oversaturation problems.

There’s no need for scrubbing or rubbing either. As the mist dries on the fabric, it kills mold trapped in the deepest parts of the fabric and prevents it from appearing again. Moreover, the product doesn’t contain any bleach that could damage your fabric.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide – While all the above-mentioned solutions are an easy store-bought fix, you can save a lot of money when you stick to less glamorous and cheaper yet effective options like hydrogen peroxide. You can find it at any medical supply store. Due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral nature, it is very effective at getting rid of mold at its roots.

You’re not limited in its application either. Apart from using it on bathroom surfaces and hard flooring, you can also use it on kitchen surfaces. After getting rid of the mold, rinsing the hydrogen peroxide is enough to make the surface food safe again. However, hydrogen peroxide is a strong chemical. Before you use it for mold removal, check it on a small inconspicuous site for discoloration or other reactions.

If the surface can handle the chemical, you can spray 3 percent concentrated hydrogen peroxide on the surface and leave it there for a few minutes. After that, scrub away the mold and mold stains and follow up with a quick rinse. Finally, wipe the surface dry and you’re good to go.

  1. Vinegar and baking soda – Due to its mildly acidic nature, household vinegar is a great disinfectant, deodorizer, and cleaning agent. It can kill more than 80 percent of mold species including the dreaded black mold. Don’t be offended by the strong odor of vinegar since it goes away very quickly. However, make sure that you don’t dilute vinegar for mold removal. Otherwise, the acetic acid concentration in the vinegar goes down and becomes less effective against the mold.

Baking soda is another great household product that is cheap and an effective mold removal agent. Add just a tablespoon of baking soda to a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Spray the moldy area with the baking soda solution and use a scrubber to remove the mold. Follow up with a rinse and if the mold is not removed, repeat the whole process. Keep repeating the process till the mold is completely removed and wipe the surface dry.

  1. Essential oils – While essential oils have been famous in aromatherapy, they can also be very effective at removing mold. For instance, one of the strongest mold removers on the list, Decon 30, has an essential oil derivative. Similarly, tea tree oil is a powerful mold remover among essential oils and also spreads a pleasant aroma when used on a surface.

To use this product, you need to combine one cup of water with a tablespoon of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and mix it vigorously so that both the liquids get mixed properly. After that, spray the solution on the molded surface and let it rest for an hour. Finally, wipe it away with a dry towel.


Mold is invasive and harmful. When left untreated it can circulate in your home through the HVAC system and spread its spores to clean rooms. That’s why it’s important to clean and remove it as soon as possible. You can also search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to outsource the job.