Making Adulting Bearable and Even Worthwhile

When you were a kid, you often dream about the day that you are making your own money. Oh, to be living on your own and without the rules of your parents. You would have probably told yourself that you cannot wait until you are old enough to work. However, when you finally get there and become an adult, you will realize that you have so many things to prioritize.

It wasn’t just your food, water, and clothing anymore. Suddenly, the enthusiasm you had when you were younger is no longer there. Especially when you are living alone, you will realize that the act itself is not so simple. There are so many things that require your attention, resources, and money, and suddenly it is no fun being an adult anymore.

Aside from your rent, will realize that you need to have a lot more funds for your utilities: your electricity, water, and internet connection. There is also the subject of home maintenance. Once in a while, you need to hire a plumber to check your sinks, a trusted AC company to make sure your cooling systems are still efficiently function, and even with your gadgets and appliances.

Being an adult with responsibilities is harder than you have thought, but this article will tell you some secrets on how to handle it well.

Don’t isolate yourself

Contrary to the popular advice of older people that says, stay away from friends and company that bring you too much enjoyment, you have to surround yourself with your dear friends. While being an adult means being focused on your goals, it does not mean that having friends is a distraction. Furthermore, there are times that you will need a distraction.

It is possible that you have so many things going on with work and with life, and spending time with your friends in a karaoke bar can remind you that life is about more than just surviving. You might even get up late the next day for work, but the night was worth it. It wasn’t a bad distraction, it was a reminder.

So, when you find friends and company that makes life a bit bearable, hold on to them and at least try to make time for weekly get-togethers.

Enjoy the little things

Try not to drain yourself with work. It is quite a common perception that being an adult means being financially responsible. While that could be true, it is better to positively reframe that notion and be financially wise. Let us say you are working an eight-to-five shift, so that is already forty hours of your week, and what would you do on the weekends? Stay in and eat instant noodles and canned food, because you need to be frugal about things and save? Will that be fulfilling though?

What you need to understand is that you don’t need to spend much to enjoy, allow yourself the little things. Buy yourself a good cup of coffee, treat yourself with wellness products, or even get that new Valorant bundle that caught your eye. See, once in a while, it is fulfilling to buy the little things that make you happy. The key is to know your limitations and still be responsible with your money cards.

Don’t forget your passion

There are times that people forget about what they love doing when they hit adulthood already. Suddenly, you will realize that you are doing corporate work for how many years now and that you haven’t picked up the sax for a longer time. It is sad alright, but have you ever realized that doing your passion is one of the fewest things that will keep you sane and that will keep your carefree child in you alive?

When you are working hard, you tend to get burnt out and drained, even if you say you love your work. It is quite normal especially if you have been working for years in an industry that is demanding and challenging. It will be nice if you make time to step away from that world and go into your own bubble of comfort. Take out your long-lost instrument, try to play, and find that comfort you used to experience with it before.

Being an adult is not as easy as everyone thought it would be. Your parents already made sure that you have an idea but did not really tell you how hard it would be, and it is not right to blame them. It is not right to blame anyone, you only have to be tough and find things that will make the journey worthwhile.