Fashion Staples to Look Your Best Without Effort   

Everybody wants to look good, but spending hours deciding what to wear is not practical. Celebrities can change their looks as they desire because they have professional stylists. These stylists are dedicated to making them look good, but normal people don’t have this luxury.

Being stylish is not only about money. Combining clothes into a beautiful outfit takes a lot of time. There are many factors in play, like color combination, layering, and accessorizing. In your normal day-to-day life, it’s not possible to put this much effort into styling. That’s why you should have some essentials in your closet that always look good.

Classic fashion pieces always look good no matter who wears them. These are clothing items that require zero effort because they suit all body types and make everyone look good. They include fashion jewelry pieces, formal wear, party wear, and shoes. Below are some fashion staples that make you look good on any occasion.

Oversized T-Shirts

Nothing beats the basic shirt-and-jeans look in summer. Designers have added a twist to it by making T-shirts oversized. For a very long time, women focused on looking slimmer, and models flaunted skin-tight clothes. But that’s not the case now.

Now, loose T-shirts come in vibrant colors that can be paired with jeans, trousers, or joggers. They emit a cool and casual vibe that youngsters are in love with. Oversized T-shirts have dominated the market for some time now, and it’s safe to say that they’re not going out of style soon.

The Denim-on-Denim Look

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are often seen rocking the denim-on-denim look. This simply means that you have to combine your denim shirt with denim jeans. The key to pulling off this look is to maintain the shade contrast of the fabric. Pick two shades that suit you, and you’re good to go.

Loose denim shirts and skin-tight jeans are trending these days because they look casual yet attractive. You can use this look when you want to look a little formal but not boring.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress has been ruling the party space since the time of Audrey Hepburn. This look is still all the rage while the dress has gone through some transitions. All designers have tried their hand at reinventing the little black dress, but its grace is in its simplicity.

The dress looks great as it exudes an effortless charm. You can look glamorous without trying too hard with the little black dress. Just putting it on does the job. Your hair and accessories play a huge part, too. Since the goal is to look effortless, go with a simple hairdo and keep the jewelry light. Some earrings or studs will amplify your look to a great extent.

High-Waisted Relaxed Jeans

High-waisted jeans ruled the fashion industry in the late 80s, but skinny jeans came on board. People started to call loose high-waisted jeans “mom jeans,” and they forgot about them. But mom jeans are making a huge comeback in 2021. The high-waisted jeans with a T-shirt tucked in are among the fashion trends of the year.

The cut is comfortable and chic at the same time. It makes your legs look longer. Also, those jeans can be paired with tops, T-shirts, and blouses. Women of all ages can wear them. Moreover, you can pair the jeans with sneakers, sports shoes, or heels. In other words, they look good with everything.

Cropped Cardigans

Old-school fashion hits again, and this time, it’s winter clothing. You must have seen women in old movies wearing short cardigans to school or work. The style is on the streets again, and models are rocking it. Vibrant-colored cardigans with cropped tops underneath them look very dashing.

You can pair your cropped cardigan with straight high-waisted jeans or trousers. It will also go well with a skirt if you want to go all vintage. This look also exhibits a casual, lounge vibe, so you don’t want to overdo it.


As the name suggests, a shaket is a combination of a shirt and a jacket. This is an oversized jacket that looks like a shirt. Again, this is meant to look effortless and cool, so pair it with joggers and boots to look great in winter.

If you want to create a more formal look, you can wear a skin-tight top or sweatshirt underneath and pair it with black leggings or tight pants.

All the items in this list are trendy and Vogue-approved. Models carry these looks on the streets of New York. Thus, you don’t have to worry about putting together a whole outfit anymore. Just follow this cheat sheet, and you’ll always look chic.