Determine Rodent Infestation Before Looking For A Suitable Solution

You might believe that you were the only member in the home. However, you are never alone in your home. Numerous furry friends would have the same address as yours and find their way into your homes. The worst part is they would be here to stay if you were casual about it. Your best bet would be to look for a suitable pest control wholesale store near you. Consider buying a rat glue trap for the rodent infestation in your home. However, your priority is to determine what kind of pest infestation you suffer from.

How Do You Determine Infestation In Your Home?

Before you look for humane methods to get rid of pest infestation in your home, consider determining the kind of pest infestation your home suffers from.

Find below a few methods to help determine rodent infestation in your home.

If you come across gnaw marks on wood, rest assured you have a rodent infestation. They chew on the wood to sharpen their teeth or to gain entry into your home. You could also determine mice infestation by the markings and holes they have made. While old gnawing would be smooth, new would be relatively rough.

If you come across droppings or urine on the floor, rest assured you have a rodent infestation. While fresh droppings would be moist and soft, old droppings would be dry and hard. Rodents tend to visit places where they prefer to do their business.

If you come across footprints, consider it evident that rodents infest your house. Look for the front prints having four toes and the hind feet having five toes. If you see these markings, your home would be infested with rodents, and you could quickly determine the difference. Regardless of the toes and their markings, footprints imply that your home is infested with rodents. Look for a reliable pest control wholesale store to purchase a suitable solution for eliminating rodents from your home. A good option would be to invest in a rat glue trap.

If you come across damaged goods, specifically food such as meats, cereals, and fruits, it is a clear indication of your home being infested with rodents. If you hear little footsteps, gnawing behind the walls, and all kinds of movement throughout the house, rest assured that you have rodents in your home.

How To Keep Your Home Rodent-Free

If you have rodents infesting your home, your best bet would be to look for the best methods for removing rodents from your home. Find below a few techniques to get rid of rodents.

Consider keeping your food sealed to starve rodents. They would be compelled to move to another location.

Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight; it would be an open invitation to rodents. Moreover, it would risk causing infections and diseases with rodents tasting what you had cooked.

Take out the trash every night. Do not let the scent of food invite rodents to your home for dinner.

If you still feel rodents lurking in your home after taking adequate precautions, look for a nearby pest control wholesale store and buy a rat glue trap to address your rodent infestation issues.