Choosing the Right Phone Needs for Your Home-Based Business

Working from anywhere sounds great, right? Working from your own home probably sounds even better. Transitioning to or starting a business with all the technological advances still in place — now that may sound a bit scary.

Try breaking it down and dealing with one piece of technology at a time. Start off with the phones. The following tips and questions can help you connect up with the right phones for your business needs.

Devices and Numbers

First, decide whether you want a landline, mobile phones or both. Choose a landline if your home or remote location does not get a great signal. If you plan to run your business on the go, though, then a landline does not work, so you will need cellular devices instead. Many businesses find that the best option is a hybrid one combining the use of both.

You also need to decide about your business phone numbers. Do you want multiple, separate numbers for different parts of your business? Do you want a toll-free number, a local area number, or both? Do you want a specific number, or will any randomized number do? Remember to consider your audience when making these decisions. Thinking about who you want to be able to talk to can greatly help you in deciding how you want to talk to them.

Plans and Bundles

Carefully consider coverage area, data usage, talk and text usage, and cost when choosing your business phone plans. Will you make international calls or only local calls? Choose a carrier that regularly and successfully covers all the areas you need. Most companies provide a map with coverage and signal strength information, so look for that before making your decision.

Next, evaluate how much time you intend to spend on the internet versus talking and texting, and choose a plan accordingly. Unlimited plans may help you keep overall costs lower, but make sure you fully understand exactly what these contracts include and mean before signing.

Bundling your phone plan with your other business plans, such as internet, TV and security, may also be a great choice. Bundling services through one provider often leads to better savings and fewer customer service hassles. However, make sure to investigate the different bundling options and only choose a bundle with what you will actually use to make your business flourish.

Selecting the right technology for any work from home or remote operation is paramount to success. Deciding upon the right phone types, plans, and bundles can make a huge difference right from the start. The phone technology choices you make for your business today speak to the victories you will have tomorrow.