Causes of Car Accidents in Arizona& Types of Personal Injuries

Car accidents are common on our roads, and Arizona isn’t an exception. They result in severe injuries, and some can be fatal. Although the number of car crashes in Arizona is declining, 1,057 people died in road collisions in 2020 compared to 980 in 2019. There are different causes of car accidents in the state, and understanding them can help restore sanity on the roads.

 Check out the common causes of car crashes in Arizona:

  1. Drunk driving

Drunk driving is a common cause of car accidents in Arizona and many other states worldwide. The impact of driving while drunk can be catastrophic. Intoxication can lead to drowsiness, loss of attention, and an inability to reckon reaction times. These are just some of the side effects, but there are more!

In Arizona, you’ll be held accountable for the damages if you cause a car accident due to drunkenness. And this is why attorneys like the Peoria Car Accident Lawyer advice clients to file a compensation claim after incurring injuries in a car accident.

  1. Road topography

Arizona is somewhat mountainous and rugged. It boasts many snowy mountains and terrains, and some can hold snow throughout summer. A majority of car accidents in Arizona result from poor road design. These can be roads built in terrains, thus hindering smooth traffic.

 Also, poor visibility during snowy weather is to blame. However, more traffic signs or signals on the road can help minimize the cases of car accidents. Fixing faulty designs will also go a long way.

  1. Driver’s behavior

This is yet another cause of car accidents in Arizona. Some drivers are always in a hurry and drive too fast and carelessly. The Arizona government has put stringent measures to control this, but it still happens. Examples of driver behaviors leading to car accidents include;

  • Over speeding
  • Disregarding traffic rules
  • Tailgating other vehicles
  • Not sticking to the lane
  1. 4. Vehicle malfunctioning

Vehicle makers must adhere to strict regulations. Vehicle manufacturers may be held responsible for damages if safety requirements aren’t met. Examples of car issues leading to car accidents include;

  • Brake failures
  • Steering failures
  • Tire failures and more.

For this reason, you should inspect your car regularly to ascertain that all the components are functioning optimally.

What are the common types of injuries resulting from car accidents in Arizona?

 Thousands of people incur injuries from auto crashes in Arizona. These range from severe to minor, and all necessitate prompt medical attention. Common injuries include broken bones, head and neck trauma, burns, back injuries, lacerations, and many more.

 Back and spinal trauma is common and severe. It may include sprains, fractures, spine injuries, and ruptured discs. Again, the signs may take days or months to show up for some injuries. And this hinders many accident victims from seeking medical help.

The bottom line

 A car accident can result in different injures and impact your life for good. However, if these resulted from the negligence of another party, an attorney can help you file a compensation claim. The professional will also safeguard your rights and fight for a rightful settlement.