Alejandro Pena of Keter Points to Sustainability Efforts When Discussing Premium Outdoor Furniture

Alejandro Pena of Keter Points to Sustainability Efforts When Discussing Premium Outdoor Furniture

It would be surpassing difficult to find a business in the world that hasn’t considered its environmental impact when making decisions. Keter Group, led by the work of CEO Alejandro Pena, is uniquely focused on continually reducing its carbon footprint while maximizing the recyclability and sustainability of its products.

Based in Israel and founded in 1948, Keter Group specializes in the development of sustainable resin-based solutions for home and garden products. From patio furniture to garden beds and everything in between, Keter Group is uniquely suited to help shoppers as they put together their own outdoor oasis for this summer.

CEO Alejandro Pena took time out of his day to discuss the different product offerings at Keter, their sustainability efforts, and some of the guidance he would offer to those looking to build an oasis.

Start With an Idea

Alejandro Pena understands that families are increasingly looking for ways to host loved ones while staying home and saving money. To really get the most out of an outdoor space designed with Keter products, Pena suggests getting a good idea of what the space is going to be used for. Is this going to be a space for outdoor dining? Do you want to share a few adult beverages with friends?

After you’ve settled on the idea of the space, Alejandro Pena suggests taking a closer look at the different areas that could use customization. Pena went through a spot-by-spot breakdown of Keter products and their uses for outdoor functionality.

Designing the Outdoor Space

Keter Group utilizes resin-based products that exemplify clean and modern design. Keter Group’s products are available in copper, brass, and wood with a variety of different finishes and textures also available.

When it comes time to outfit your outdoor oasis, Keter CEO Alejandro Pena suggests looking at the following areas for ideas.

The Patio – A roomy patio can create a great gathering space at just about any time of the year. This can be a great place to stash a few Keter Adirondack Chairs for comfortable lounging available in five colors. These inviting chairs will put luxury on the menu while you sit back in relief.

Seating Arrangements – Smaller patios may enjoy the Keter Group 3-Piece Patio Set which provides comfortable seating for a handful of people. This affordable patio furniture is sustainable and available in neutral colors to fit any backyard setting.

Kitchen Prep Area – Are you going to be grilling with friends in your oasis? Grab the Keter Group Outdoor Kitchen Cart to make food preparation and storage easier than ever. Keter’s Outdoor Kitchen Cart has sturdy wheels that can be used to bring it to any location.

About Alejandro Pena

Alejandro Pena was appointed CEO at Keter Group in 2017. His work at the business has helped him to deliver steady year-over-year growth and profitability to his company. Pena continues to focus on product innovation and profitability while retaining a focus on sustainability along the way.