6 Signs of Sciatica Pain You Can’t Ignore

Back pain can happen and sometimes it seems like it comes out of nowhere. Once you start experiencing these 6 signs of sciatica pain, you should start sciatica treatment in Scottsdale right away so that the pain and injury won’t worsen.

What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain is lower back pain that is caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve or problem to the nerve, which is the large nerve running from your lower back down to the back of your legs.

Injuries or any extra pressure to the nerve will cause pain that starts in your lower back and extend to the hips, buttocks, and even legs. Extra weight on the body will add extra pressure to the spine, leading to lower back pain. Also, a herniated disk–an injury from a fall or an infection, can also cause sciatica pain. When you sit, cough or sneeze, it can worsen the pain.

People age 30 to 50 years old are at the highest risk for experiencing sciatica back pain as well as pregnant women. Some health conditions such as diabetes put you at greater risk of developing sciatica pain and those who participate in heavy lifting or prolonged sitting.

What are the Signs?

Sciatica pain usually starts as a mild pain in your lower back. At times, you may feel a sharp pain throughout the day, especially while standing or walking. The pain will gradually extend from your lower back to your hips. Often times, you will also feel a burning or tingling sensation down the leg. Weakness and numbness down the leg to the foot are also common.

Once the first signs of sciatica pain appear, you can try to control it at home with rest, ice applications, and anti-inflammatory medications. However, if the pain continues or even worsens, you should see a specialist to receive the proper treatment.

Yoga poses and exercises are also a good way to help stretch your spine to find relief from lower back pain. Keep in mind that staying in motion will help reduce the inflammation, so try not to sit still for too long.

What are my Treatment Options?

If at-home treatment doesn’t help, you will need to look into other treatment options.

Laser therapy can help alleviate the pain that is caused by pressure on the spine and nerves. This is a much safer and more effective option compared to traditional surgery.

As long as you are over the age of 18, you can qualify for laser therapy, just keep in mind that it will take several weeks of treatment.

Laser therapy is much more comfortable than surgery, even during and after treatment. With laser therapy sessions, there are no known negative side effects and virtually no pain.

Of course, you could experience minor muscle spasms during your laser therapy treatment sessions, but no other discomfort is experienced and you come out with the long-term impact of a pain-free back.

LaserTech Can Help!

Are you experiencing sciatica pain? LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center can help you manage your lower back pain and get back on your feet. The doctors at the LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center specialize in the spine and are trained to find the root of the problem so that you and receive the proper treatment plan tailored to your needs.