5 New Technologies That Are Changing Side Hustles

With the global pandemic causing widespread distress, layoffs, and budget cuts, most individuals’ finances have taken a hit. In these unprecedented times, people have turned to side hustles and passive income streams so as to stay afloat.

Most savvy and creative business owners have also followed suit. This is because side hustle is becoming a near-necessity to individuals looking to explore a mixture of entrepreneurialism and short-term gigs. Luckily, there has never been a great time in history for individuals seeking technologies to help boost their take-home pay, with many factors converging to facilitate a smooth entry into a third or second income stream. Some of these technologies changing side hustles include:

  1. X-Carve

This is 3D carving equipment, which you may use to carve projects out of wood and a variety of plastics, including HDPE and acrylic. Most companies refer X-Carve as a CNC routing machine or CNC milling machine.

According to Inventables, X-Carve allows home-based enthusiasts to work in more than just extruded plastics. Designed for workshop settings, X-Carve is both expandable and customizable. This means you may expand and upgrade your existing machine by adding new components.

  1. 5G

5G, the fifth generation of cellular capability, boasts faster data transmission speed than 4G. This technology is a big step in the development of IoT, as 5G networks can support an influx of different interconnected smart devices.

Although the technology is still in its early development stage, the hype surrounding it is not in vain, particularly for individuals with side hustle businesses.

  1. Smartphones

Probably the most obvious modern technology available today is the ubiquity of smartphones. These devices are a new trend today, and most major manufacturers are basically aligning all their products so as to make sure they will actively be involved in customers’ lives.

Smartphones are a way of tomorrow, and all business owners should take advantage of these devices. Apart from using it in your large corporation, you may incorporate smartphones in side hustles in all your creative ways.

  1. Computers

Desktops loaded with productivity and office software packages allow users to write letters, send emails, design sales presentations, and analyze financial details. Computers can be desktop models with a separate keyboard, mobile laptop, or monitor.

Basically, there are two major types of computers you can use. This includes Macintosh Computers and PCs (personal computers). Macintosh Computers using Apple Computer’s OS are common among creative experts, while PCs using ordinary Windows are more popular and available in almost all businesses.

  1. Credit Card Reader Apps

Now it is possible to get an application, which acts as a credit card reader, allowing you to save time when you don’t want to use real registers or physically send an invoice.

Incorporating the app in your side hustle means that you may send digital receipts to clients, check your sales history, give digital discount coupons, and track inventory.

 In Conclusion!

Technological developments have revolutionized how companies do business by allowing small enterprises, including side hustles, to level the playing field with bigger corporations.

If you have a side hustle, you may use a wide array of new technologies, including smartphones, computers, apps, X-Carve, and 5G, to gain a competitive edge in the economic marketplace.