5 Mind Blowing Escape Rooms

Have you ever wanted to experience team building activities that are unique and exciting?  Well, thank your lucky stars because escape rooms are here to stay. They can be found in 90% of major cities throughout the world, so there is no shortage of mind-blowing escape rooms everywhere you look!

The Great Heist

Ever wanted to plan an epic heist? You must work together as a team trying to pull off the most dangerous mission imaginable.  You need speed, intelligence, stealth and intelligence. This room will test your minds like never before with puzzles and riddles and your team will need to work together in order to escape.  This activity really helps to encourage team bonding as well as problem-solving skills. You can also learn more about what kind of puzzles can you find in an escape room.

Prison Break

In this room, you have been captured by an evil governor because of your noble intentions. You must plan and execute a perfect escape from his prison cell without being caught! There are many puzzles waiting for you at every turn and team members must watch each other’s backs or risk social embarrassment.  This team-building activity is great for team social bonding as well as team problem-solving. With the team working together, you’ll be able to accomplish all of your goals and escape with ease.

Love Potion Disaster

In this escape room, it’s important to not only rely on yourself but also rely on others too…if you can trust them at least. In this escape room, team members will have to work together in order to break a love curse that has been cast upon a group of colleagues by a malevolent witch.  All team members must work closely together if they wish to escape in time. After working together it’ll be smooth sailing away from the witch’s evil spell!

Nightmare Inn

Nightmare Inn is an incredibly fun activity that takes place in a mysterious hotel where all kinds of things go bump in the night! In this scenario, tourists have been disappearing one by one thanks to a dark curse that has been cast upon them thanks to a mad scientist who had escaped from prison. It’s up to you and your team members to find him and get rid of his curse once and for all or else you may forever be lost…in a nightmare. There are many puzzles that your team will have to figure out in order to escape from this mad scientist’s evil curse once and for all!

The Diamond Heist

Ever wanted to plan a diamond heist? Well, now you can with The Diamond Heist!  In this team building activity, a bank has been robbed by a famous thief so it’s up to you and your team members to not only successfully pull off the perfect heist but also recover all of the diamonds that were stolen too! You’ll need speed, intelligence, stealth and problem-solving skills if you wish to accomplish both goals. After working together, all team members will be able to successfully pull off the perfect heist and recover the lost diamonds with no problems!