4 Most Overlooked and Under-Cleaned Surfaces in Most Offices

For many business people out there, ensuring a clean and safe work environment is a no-brainer. They know they need it, and will do anything, including hiring a commercial cleaning service to ensure they keep themselves, their employees, and customers safe and healthy.

However, in as much as you pride yourself in having a clean and well-organized office, the big question is, do you take care of every part? The truth of the matter is that there may be several areas of your office that are always overlooked during the cleaning process, and you may never notice it.

Although these areas might not be noticeable to you and your staff, visitors may notice them easily, which can leave a bad impression of your company. So, what are some of the most overlooked and under-cleaned surfaces in the office?

1. Switches, handles, and faucets

Research shows that sink faucets and handles are among the dirtiest surfaces in the office. Just like electronics, these high-traffic contact areas usually have a lot of hands touching them every day. As a result, they become a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and harmful bacteria.

These pathogens can linger on the surface for several hours or days, making them quite dangerous to your employees.  Therefore, it is always good to make sure you clean all high-traffic touchpoints such as switches, handles, and faucets every day.

Monitor your commercial cleaning service keenly and be sure to remind them to clean these points every day if you notice they are skipping them. This will help maintain a healthy working environment.

2. Computers and Printers

We assume that bathrooms accumulate a lot of dirt, which is not the case since cleaning is done regularly. Computers, printers, mouse, and keyboards are used daily by different people and accumulate germs and bacteria.

Properly cleaning computers and sanitizing is always tricky due to the fear of damaging them. Printers slowly accumulate particles behind and under surfaces where they are placed, which is always ignored.

To take care of this problem, consider computer cleaning professionals who come in regularly and clean your electronic equipment appropriately.

3. Curtains and blinds

We can bet that you clean your windows quite regularly, but how often do you clean your curtains and blinds? In most cases, you will neglect your curtains and blinds unless they are visibly stained. However, just like most upholstery, your curtains and blinds attract sand particles, and they may be piling up internally.

Although cleaning curtains and blinds may consume a lot of time, it is always good to ensure they are regularly changed and washed. The longer you fail to do this, the more you will have dust particles spreading through your office, and you won’t know where they are coming from.

4. Fans and Air vents

Dust sticks on fan blades and ceilings.  The fan is mostly in constant movement and gathers a lot of dust.  With time, the dust starts circulating within the air when the fan is turned on.

Cleaning your fan presents a major challenge because it hangs from the ceiling. But that doesn’t mean there noting you can do to keep it clean. You can always have the blades cleaned and thoroughly wiped when it is not in operation.

The fan blades need to be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth to lift particles and capture them. Air vents should also be disconnected and washed.

Regularly cleaning of the fan is essential because it helps to ensure constant flow of fresh and uncontaminated air in the office.