3 Creative Ways to Use a Pegboard in Your Kitchen

Pegboards are commonly used in the garage for hanging tools or laundry to organise your laundry room. It adds extra storage to your small space, particularly if you have lots of cabinets and drawers filled with many things.

But most people do not know that a pegboard is also useful around the kitchen. Like its use in your garage or the laundry room, these materials can organise your kitchenware to expand your kitchen space.

A board with pre-drilled holes can go against the wall or where a cabinet’s shelf cannot stand. It costs less than having a shelf installed and can help utilise existing walls. Pegboards are multifunctional organisational materials that can hold pots, pans, and various utensils.

Utilise a Pegboard to Store Any of Your Kitchenware

Pegboards are often the go-to choices for most people because it already has pre-drilled holes and will not require additional boring. All you need is to have a stack of pegs that are utilised to hang almost anything.

This little piece of underestimated material finds its use in organising many kitchen stuff, including pots and pans, storage for garden herbs, or a spice rack. Given its functionality, pegboards are often unutilised around the kitchen because it has been attached to its garage use.

But with a little tweak and a few paint jobs, a pegboard can humbly find its use in the kitchen. And it can either simulate other areas or become the focal point in your kitchen space. Pegboards are an ideal kitchen solution, especially if you have a hard time organising all the stuff you have around your cooking and dining area.

Use a Pegboard to Organise Fresh Herbs

It is refreshing to find greens around the kitchen, and having herbs ready for use is one good way of bringing life to space. A herb garden won’t be complete without having planters to hang them. Using a pegboard will allow you to easily organise and utilise a kitchen space without invading and damaging walls.

You can easily add an S-hook through the pegboard holes and attach a planter for hanging garden-fresh herbs. The key to organising your greens is to leave some room between each plant so you can have space for watering and pulling what you need.

Essentially, planting herbs in the kitchen will leave the room smelling fresh because of the aroma. You can also add some extra space and fasten pegs for attaching a horizontal board to keep materials like extra seeds, scissors, and extra planters.

Pegboards Are Great for Creating a Kitchen Command Centre

If you are out of space for listing menus, recipes, and notes, you can use a pegboard to neatly create a command centre. You will need several materials to accomplish having a kitchen command centre, including a clipboard, calendar, decorative accents, and a chalkboard, among others.

Using pegboards to set up a mini office in your kitchen is an invaluable tool to keep everything systematized and coordinated. It would allow you to work efficiently without scrambling for materials to use.

A creative workspace in the kitchen is a good way to free your mind from having an unorganised cooking space. Using a pegboard will organise your kitchen tools and give you ample time to prepare food rather than looking for various utensils and cookware.