Erotic Massage Secrets You Need To Try

Sensual massage is a great way to excite a partner, show him care, and surprise him with the sweetness of relaxation after a hard day. Besides, a good erotic massage is a great way to diversify intimate life. Before starting the intimate caressing, it is very important to take care of several things that will make the evening unforgettable. So, let’s have a detailed look at the secrets of a good erotic massage. Those are:

  • atmosphere;
  • relaxation;
  • plenty of lube;
  • warming up;
  • several techniques.


The most important thing in the process is the atmosphere! Therefore, preparation is an essential part of the procedure. For massage, a bed is great if it is large and has a good mattress. A floor covered with a soft coat will also do. The main condition is that the man should be comfortable and cozy in the room.

Mute the light in the room, light scented candles, turn on relaxing music in the background – all this will additionally affect the relaxation of the partner.

Massage oils

Massage oil is also a very important item. But to use it properly you should know how to do it. The first rule is that the more oil is used – the better. Secondly, if the massage includes a happy ending, special intimate massage oil is used (if you want to give the erotic massage by yourself, you can easily buy it in any sex shop).

In addition, specialized massage oils in most cases have a pleasant smell, so organs of smell will enjoy the procedure too, which will bring additional pleasant sensations.

Warming up

The feet are one of the most erogenic zones on the human body, a large number of nerve endings are concentrated there. In addition, foot massage itself is a rather rare kind of caressing, and therefore very intimate. So, a great thing is to start the erotic massage session with it.

Having massaged feet, an experienced masseuse will move to the back. Shoulders, back, and lower back are most stressed during the day, so caressing these areas is extremely important. It’s better to start with gentle strokes along the back, from the neck to the coccyx. When massaging the neck, it is better to limit yourself to ordinary strokes, but the shoulders and lower back can be massaged more intensively. Special attention should be paid to the lower back. There are many nerve endings located there, the stimulation of which promotes active circulation in the pelvic organs, which is important for erection. Body to body massage is a nice ending to ordinary massage. As a rule, after such a tender caressing, the man is very aroused and ready for erotic continuation.

Happy ending

When a man is already quite excited, it is very important to catch this moment, because sexual arousal may go down if the penis and testicles are not stimulated. At the moment when the masseuse realizes that the man is at the peak of excitement, the final phase of massage begins.

An experienced masseuse can make a man experience an orgasm in minutes, but she’ll never do it. Long-lasting sweet torturing is much better, right? So, at the final stage of the massage, the girl uses either her hands or her body parts (or both) to stimulate the man’s penis, testicles, and prostate (if a man desires it).

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