Copper Mining Operations In Columbia

Copper is one of the essential metals that have made our lives more decorative and innovative. This element is estimated to be 1.6 billion metric tons. The large quantities of copper come from deposits present in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Montana. Due to high ductility, malleability, conductivity, resistance, copper is an essential industrial metal. There will be nothing wrong in saying that this multipurpose metal is the building block of infrastructure.

The copper element is a very unique and the oldest metal used by humans. Due to its increased usage in electronics, construction, transportation, the demands are rising. Most of the resources we use today have some percentage of copper in them. The reserves are estimated at 870 million tons which is enough to fulfill present requirements according to US Geological Survey 2020.

Copper Production In The World

Talking about the strength of copper, it forms alloys with elements like tin, silica, aluminum, and beryllium. One of the alloys, bronze, is even harder than pure iron and more resistant to corrosion. A large amount of copper is consumed and produced by China. The country was also the largest consumer of refined copper in 2020. China was responsible for the 54% share of total global copper production. Chile, Peru, the United States, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, Zambia, Russia, Kazakhstan are the countries that are majorly contributing to global copper production. Chile, the world’s largest copper producer country, estimated 5.7 million metric tons of copper in 2020. You might know that Zambia is called the “country of copper”. If we talk about Columbia, its mining sector is likely to get bigger investments. The Colombia mining companies are acting as a great economic growth engine facilitating sustainable development. Collective Mining is responsible for advancing the exploration of large-scale copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry targets.

Columbia Copper Mining

If you are familiar with the statistics of the 2020 copper production, the mines produced around 20 million metric tons of copper worldwide. If we talk about Columbia, it significantly produces copper. The country’s mine production increased by over tenfold in the past decade, which nearly reached 10 thousand tons in 2018. Copper metal is a growing mining industry in Columbia with several new projects that are aimed to increase mining ability for the future.

Cordoba Minerals Corp.

Cordoba Minerals is a mineral exploration company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada handling copper and gold projects in Columbia. This Canada-based mineral company was founded in 2009 involved in the exploration, development, acquisition of copper. It is developing the San Matias Copper-gold-silver project involving Alacran deposit and satellite deposit at Montiel East, Monteil West, and Costa Azul. The project comprises several areas of porphyry copper-gold and carbonate replacement deposit mineralization and gold veins. Under the symbol of CDB, the company is trading on TSX Venture Exchange. It is responsible for 25% interest in the Perseverance copper project in Arizona, USA.


Copper comes with numerous useful properties like ductility, malleability, conductivity, resistance, which ultimately raises its profit-oriented importance. Countries make a huge investment in the mining sector that impacts economic development. Not only mining companies but other associated services also benefit from it.