Tesla’s Model 3 scores the company’s first top safety award from IIHS

Tesla frequently touts that its cars are actually safe, but for the first time ever, the company has just received a specific credit of that safety: the Model 3 was just awarded ‘top safety pick’ from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Previously, the Model S had fallen short of earning top marks from IIHS, and the Model X was not at all tested by the nonprofit group. 

To earn the award, Model 3 is the second battery-electric car, as in August Audi’s E-Tron was the first to earn the honor. Similar to the E-Tron, in all categories, the Model 3 earned ‘good’ ratings, which is the best distinction the IIHS gives out. In two places the Model 3 was only really dinged. 

According to the IIHS, the automatic emergency braking system of Tesla also performed well, avoiding collisions in both the 25 mph and 12 mph tests.

In a blog post, Tesla took pleasure that during the IIHS tests how the Model 3’s all-glass roof held up and also pointed out that its seats also helped the car to score high marks.

The company wrote, ‘what matters most is the safety of our customers, which is why our and passive safety equipment and active safety features equipment come standard on all of our cars.’

Moreover, videos, photos and the full result of IIHS’s test of Model 3 can be found on the website of the nonprofit group.


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