Nakupenda beach tour – now you see it, now you don’t!

Most tourists who come to Zanzibar for the holidays find the Nakupenda beach tour the most entertaining, surpassing even popular activities such as swimming with the dolphins or fishing with the locals. The reasons are numerous, as you will see by reading the article below, and we’ve decided to present them in the form of fun facts about this unique destination in the world. After going through it, you’ll most probably book a trip to this wonderful place, together with your loved one, family, or group of friends.

  1. The beach that disappears. First of all, during the Nakupenda beach tour, you’ll find out that this beach has an extraordinary property: it magically… disappears! Actually, during high tide, the sandbank is covered by seawater, while during low tide, it reappears. The fact that access is restricted during certain periods makes this excursion even more sought after. Since it’s in the same direction from Stone Town (the old capital) as Prison Island, the two can be combined on the same day;
  1. It literally means “I love you”. This totally special sand strip is also called “Love Beach” since its name literally translates to “I love you” in Swahili, one of the two official languages in Zanzibar, besides English. This is why many men choose the Nakupenda beach tour to propose to their girlfriends, asking the only question in life for which “NO” is not an acceptable answer. Therefore, besides the fact that it’s adventurous and breathtaking, this is also a very romantic destination, being especially appreciated by couples of all ages;

  1. There are no trees here. Some people might not consider this a “fun” fact, but you should know that, on this beach, there are no trees. However, if you are a fan of shady places, you can rest assured: a professional travel agency, such as Zanzibar Tour Guide, will bring tents, where you could also put your belongings. While hiding from the sun, you could also enjoy seasonal tropical fruits, as well as a delicious meal with barbecue, seafood, and fresh local juices;
  1. Water and sky are the same color. Last but not least, the Nakupenda beach tour will reveal a chromatic miracle and a very strong optical illusion since here, water and sky appear to have the exact same color. As a consequence, the horizon line will not be visible at certain times of the day. The water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling all year round since temperatures don’t vary much, from 26 degrees Celsius during winter to 29 degrees Celsius during summer.

If you choose to book the Nakupenda beach tour with Zanzibar Tour Guide, you’ll benefit from the professionalism and experience of their guides, as well as the politeness and helpfulness of their drivers. Apart from the trips & activities already mentioned, they also offer walking tours, safaris, one-day excursions, as well as traditional cooking classes. Contrary to the expectations of many, Zanzibar is an affordable destination, although it can be described as an exotic paradise.