Local JP accused of taking money from youth organization

A Central Texas justice of the peace is facing calls for his resignation after allegations he stole money from a youth organization.

Anthony Kendrick filed the small claims petition on Aug. 29.

The petition alleges “theft by deception” against Daryl Peters, who is currently serving as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 4, Place 1.

Kendrick alleges Peters took $2,300 from the K-Town Raptors organization. That money, given to Peters as cash, was supposed to be used by Peters to pay referees during a jamboree game in 2018 and last month.

“Those referees said they’ve never received any money for any scrimmages and every time they do scrimmages it is free,” Kendrick said. “With him taking this money from these kids, whom I help out here, I had to expose him.”

One of the referees, who did not want to be identified, talked about the message this accusation is sending.

“It is shocking. It is surprising. I don’t want the community or kids to be affected by adults making mistakes. We are teaching our youth to better people when they get older, but we have to lead by example as well,” the referee said.

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